Environnement, social et gouvernance

Nous promouvons le changement positif par des solutions durables␣

Chez ViewSonic, notre engagement inébranlable pour l'amélioration du bien-être de nos clients, de nos employés, de nos partenaires et des communautés dans lesquelles nous opérons est la force motrice qui guide le développement de nos produits et de nos technologies. Ce dévouement constant touche tous les aspects de nos activités commerciales, car nous reconnaissons et assumons nos responsabilités sociales et l'importance de la durabilité environnementale. Grâce à des mesures proactives visant à réduire notre impact sur l'environnement et à exploiter des technologies de pointe pour promouvoir un avenir plus durable, nous contribuons activement à améliorer le bien-être des communautés que nous servons.

Our Commitment to You

Striving for a sustainable future, our aim is to achieve net-zero emissions by the year 2050

We are dedicated to fulfilling the Paris Agreement's objectives, ensuring that the increase in global temperatures remains within 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

We are resolutely committed to achieving a 42% reduction in our CO2 footprint by the year 2030.


ViewSonic embraces its role as a global citizen and is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy in its offices worldwide. We consistently enhance our processes through the monitoring of technology and management practices to mitigate pollution throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, from manufacturing and storage to service, transportation, and disposal.

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La conception

We are committed to delivering environmentally-friendly products with energy-efficient features and recyclable components


We prioritize customer service by offering repairable products, extended warranties, and spare parts availability for years after a product’s launch to reduce waste


ViewSonic has developed programs and resources to encourage environmentally conscious decisions as part of our commitment to protecting the planet

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Réseaux sociaux

Our commitment to cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive business environment touches all aspects of our operations and ethical labor practices. We recognize and value individuals’ unique perspectives and experiences, ensuring equal opportunities for all. As such, we actively contribute to the communities we operate within through philanthropy, volunteerism, and various other forms of positive engagement.

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Empowering Employees

Our customer-first approach, which seeks to empower and enrich people’s lives, extends to our labor practices

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Chaîne d'approvisionnement responsable

We partner with over 1,800 trusted suppliers worldwide to deliver high-quality and innovative technology products

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Protéger vos données

We prioritize customer privacy, taking extensive measures to safeguard their personal information from any potential misconduct or threats

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ViewSonic is committed to maintaining high corporate governance standards and conducting all business operations with integrity, transparency, and compliance. We strive to establish customer trust and maintain competitiveness by fostering a compliance culture that adheres to local laws and regulations in all aspects of our operations.

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Code de conduite

Our Code of Conduct opposes slavery, child labor, and forced labor, promoting ethical practices throughout our operations

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Politique anti-corruption

Our Global Anti-Corruption Policy serves to foster a positive global work environment built on integrity

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Sécurité de l'information

Our information security management system, ensuring data safeguards are in place across all global operations.

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Read the Reports

Delve deeper into our commitment to building a more sustainable future by exploring the detailed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports. These documents outline our approach to environmental stewardship and our commitment to ethical business practices, covering an in-depth spectrum of initiatives that range from environmental conservation to community engagement.

Read our full ESG Policy Read our CSR Report

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