ViewSonic ColorPro Award 2021 Ends with Spectacular Exhibitions

Mesmerising Photographs of “New Adventure” Thrilled Audiences in the UK and Taiwan

London, UK (23 December 2021) – ViewSonic[i], a leading global provider of visual solutions, concluded the ColorPro Award 2021 Global Photography Contest exhibitions in London, UK, and Taipei, Taiwan. The top winning photos selected from 6500 entries, centered on the theme “New Adventure”, were displayed through ViewSonic’s advanced visual solutions. The exhibitions advanced the possibilities of arts through visual technology, giving the visitors a memorable experience of the artistry and stories behind the photos in different forms.

“Inspiring creativity and innovation is the vision of ViewSonic ColorPro. Therefore, we have always been providing intuitive tools with high colour performance to assist the creators to turn their ideas into reality,” said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. “Through the ColorPro Award, we work with our partners to form an ecosystem for all creators to exchange their extraordinary ideas and artwork in this global network.”

The three-day ColorPro Award exhibitions were opened to the public in the UK and Taiwan, with exclusive workshops and ColorPro Talks to interact with photography professionals. The events offered an opportunity for people to meet and engage in in-depth conversations with photography masters and creative industry leaders, stimulating more interaction among creators, and literally making art more accessible.
Located in the heart of London, UK, the first exhibition illustrated how technology can visualise art with the utmost precision. The exhibition employed 32 displays from the ColorPro VP68a series and VP2756-4K to showcase the winning photos in digital format. When stepping into the exhibition, visitors met the breathtaking photos presented with vibrant colours on the displays while surrounded by traditional red brick walls, giving a sense of tradition versus innovation that cemented the exhibition’s theme: “New Adventure”.
To provide a platform for all enthusiastic photographers and creators, the workshop in the UK was co-hosted with UK Shooters, a photography community, to give tips and tricks on photography editing. Throughout the session, 36 photographers gathered to edit photos and unleash their creative potential with the VP2756-4K monitors on hand.
At the Taiwan exhibition, ViewSonic fused art, technology, and nature seamlessly. The hybrid exhibition displayed the Top 100 photos not only by print, but also through an array of ViewSonic’s visual solutions - projectors, monitors, and ViewBoard interactive displays. At the end of the exhibition journey, visitors were able to participate in a self-exploration quiz to discover their own version of “Adventure” to the corresponding artwork on the ColorPro monitors. In the exhibition, colourful lighting effects were projected onto the surroundings and photo descriptions were casted, which enhanced and complemented the artworks immensely.

The ColorPro Talks in Taiwan featured renowned photographers and professional creators to deliver speeches and share in-depth insights on the theme “News Adventure”. Some of the prominent speakers specialise in natural landscapes, while others are experts in film, digital, and aerial photography.

The Top 100 photos can be viewed here. For more information on the campaign, please visit ViewSonic’s YouTube channel, and ViewSonic UK’s YouTube channel.

[i] The Contest is hosted and sponsored by ViewSonic International Corp., located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. ViewSonic International Corp. is a subsidiary of ViewSonic Corp. located in California, USA.


  • ViewSonic ColorPro Award 2021 Ends with Spectacular Exhibitions

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