vTouch Driver for Mac Users

Touch control compatibility for ViewSonic’s TD Series​

*Due to a hardware incompatibility with macOS USB stack, TD2455 cannot support touch functions by vTouch temporarily.

  • Dual-screen efficiency with touchscreen capability ​
  • 5-Point multi-touch gesture recognition for a natural workflow​
  • Complete touch support for macOS Monterey
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Mac users can now, for the first time, experience the digital efficiency and hands-on functionality of a dual-screen setup with the ViewSonic TD Series. Easily installed with the click of a button, the vTouch driver enables users to use the full range of 5-point multi-touch gestures familiar to Mac users directly on their external touchscreen display for an optimised and more intuitive workflow. vTouch is a universal binary that works in both the Intel and Apple processors of MacBook and is available for MacOS 10.14 and above, including the latest macOS.

Hands-on control for Mac users​

​Extend the functionality of your Mac trackpad to the ViewSonic TD Series with the vTouch 3.1 driver. Compatible with macOS 10.8 and above, Mac users can now harness the full power of multi-touch gestures by combining dual-screen efficiency with ViewSonic’s touchscreen technology to zoom, pinch, spread, rotate, and stretch directly on the touch display for an expanded, productive, and natural workflow.
Multi-touch gestures with natural workflow
Hands-on control for Mac users​ 1