• Thinner than an iPhone 8
  • Lightweight design at only 147g
  • Plug and play tablet for Windows and Mac users
  • Battery-free pen with three extra pen tips included
  • Palm-rejection surface, no gloves needed
  • Compatible with popular graphic applications


WoodPad, manufactured by ViewSonic® Corporation, is made from bamboo which offers style, convenience, performance, and eco-friendliness, all in one product. Using bamboo gives WoodPad a simplistic, yet sophisticated design that makes it versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings, including at home, in lecture halls, in coffee shops, or in any other creative setting. Each WoodPad has a natural honey golden finish and its own distinctive markings, giving every pad its own signature style.

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Lightweight & Thin

WoodPad is extremely light, weighing only 147g and is the world's thinnest drawing pad at only 5.5mm in thickness. That makes it even thinner than an iPhone 8. Being light and thin makes it effortlessly portable for you to take when you work on the go.

0.3 lb
Lightweight Design
0.2 in.
World's Thinnest Drawing Pad

Plug and Play Tablet

Use the WoodPad straight from the box with our plug and play features for both Mac and PC. No driver installation is needed to use the basic functions on the WoodPad.

Out of the Box
No Drivers Needed

Battery-free Pen

The pen tip has a lifespan of 150,000 taps, and comes with three extra pen tips. The pen will enter sleep mode when it is not in use and automatically wake when the tip touches the pad.

Sleep Mode
Saving the lifespan of your pen tips

Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Compatibility with an array of popular graphic applications, ensure that illustrators and retouchers can use WoodPad with their favorite creative software.

Easy Integration

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