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Maximize Engagement Through Multimedia

Make lessons more engaging and impactful with interactive content, easy-to-use templates, and curated educational videos.


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Finding fresh multimedia content for new lessons requires additional time and resources that few teachers have.

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Screening educational videos and ensuring they have no ads or inappropriate content is tedious and time-consuming.

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Using old technology to teach outdated lessons won't keep the interest or engagement of today's tech-savvy students.


Upgrading to ViewSonic

ViewBoard Displays Helps Langston University “Roll” With Remote and In-Person Learning

ViewSonic Media Commons and STEAM Lab Solutions

Ready-Made Content

myViewBoard Originals delivers interactive games and lessons that are created by teachers for teachers using myViewBoard tools. You can search by subject and grade level to find just what you need to engage your students.

The Right Video for Every Class

myViewBoard Clips delivers over 2 million curated, ad-free educational videos suitable for any curricula. Teachers can add personalized teaching notes, lesson plans, or supplemental activity ideas to each video.

Engage Students with Familiar Tech

myViewBoard WhiteBoard allows teachers to drag, drop and play video from YouTube, Facebook and other sites familiar to students so that the class can better engage with the content.

Why ViewSonic Education

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ViewSonic’s full portfolio of display technologies enables teachers to teach and students to learn from any location

Ultra-responsive touchscreen supports both finger and stylus touch inputs

High-resolution displays bring lessons and digital media to life

Accessories such as wall mounts and trolley carts make displays more accessible and mobile

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myViewBoard Suite

A complete visual learning and collaboration platform that empowers teachers and students


Digital whiteboard to annotate, draw, share digital media and conduct pop quizzes in real-time

Intuitive screen sharing for collaboration from anywhere in the classroom

Classroom management improves student engagement and encourages collaboration

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Service and Support

Because our team of education experts are always available to help, your teachers will never miss class time due to poor technical service or support. Enjoy full support from beginning to end with access to all the resources you need to be successful.

Teacher’s Certification Program

Knowledgeable customer support team available via call, click or email

Backed by industry-leading warranty policies and field-tested manufacturing standards

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