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ViewSonic® Social Media Policy

Each employee of ViewSonic and its subsidiary companies (“ViewSonic”) and each third party service provider of ViewSonic and their employees (“ViewSonic Employee Partner”) shall have an obligation to exercise good judgment and commit to the highest level of ethical and professional conduct, and adhere to ViewSonic’s confidentiality policy, whether during business hours, after work hours or online. As a ViewSonic Employee Partner, you are a representative of ViewSonic. Your participation on social media may be a reflection on ViewSonic. Therefore, all of your actions should reflect integrity, along with principles that are beyond reproach. 

In order to meet these high standards and in accordance with applicable regulations, ViewSonic has adopted the following Social Media Policy (this “Policy”) to guide our actions with vendors, customers, coworkers and other members of the online community. Social media is a powerful tool to communicate with the world. We encourage all ViewSonic Employee Partners to use social media positively and transparently. 

This Policy applies to all ViewSonic Employee Partner. It also applies to any third party influencer or service provider and their employees (“ViewSonic Third Party Commentator”) if they ever receive incentive(s) in connection with their comments or activities on any website or social media. This Policy applies to both ViewSonic sponsored social media and use of personal or professional social media as it relates to ViewSonic. This Policy is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all acceptable actions but sets forth ViewSonic’s general expectations. 



Personal Information – Protect yourself on the internet and be sensitive to what personal information you share online.


Affiliation Disclosure – If you post about ViewSonic, ViewSonic products, ViewSonic promotions or endorsements, you must include the hashtag #viewsonicemployee or #iamviewsonic to disclose your affiliation with ViewSonic as may be required by the applicable laws.


Personal Opinion Disclosure – Unless authorized by ViewSonic to comment on ViewSonic’s behalf, if you comment about ViewSonic on any website or social media, you must include a disclaimer “all opinions are my own,” or the like. All comments and postings relating to ViewSonic must be truthful, accurate, not misleading and all claims are to be substantiated. Always use common sense and best judgment in any online posts. If you receive incentive(s) related to your aforesaid comment, you must include a disclaimer “the commenter receives incentive(s) related to the comment from ViewSonic, and provides the comment in a truthful, accurate and unbiased way,” or the like.”


Be Responsible and Ethical – Do not misrepresent yourself or ViewSonic in any way in online communities. If you are leaving ViewSonic, please be sure to update your employment information on social media or professional network sites.


Respect – Discrimination in any form (based on ethnicity, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by the applicable laws will not be tolerated by ViewSonic.



Confidentiality - It is your duty as a ViewSonic Employee Partner or ViewSonic Third Party Commentator to safeguard and protect ViewSonic confidential information, including but not limited to new products / projects, finance, marketing, sales, customers, suppliers, employee partners and operations. Posting of any ViewSonic confidential information on any website or social media is strictly prohibited.


Legal Information – Do not share anything relating to a legal matter without first consulting with the legal department.


Intellectual Property – Any unauthorized use of ViewSonic or other third party intellectual property, including illegal sharing of music, videos, publications, logos or other images are strictly prohibited.


Social Media Account Ownership - If you participate in social media activities as part of your job at ViewSonic or as part of your service for ViewSonic on an account created for or on behalf of ViewSonic (“ViewSonic Branded Account”), that account is considered ViewSonic property. You may not take ViewSonic Branded Account with you if you leave ViewSonic or stop the aforesaid service provision for ViewSonic. You should inform and give the login name, password or access for the operation of ViewSonic Branded Account to your supervisor or contact window at ViewSonic. You may not change the login name, password or create similarly named account or assert any ownership of the contacts and connections you have gained through ViewSonic Branded Account. This excludes personal accounts that you may own and access at work.


Bottom line is, if you are ever in doubt about whether or not you can post something about ViewSonic, don’t do it. Any violation of the foregoing may be subject to appropriate remedial or disciplinary action by the company, including termination of employment.

In addition, please keep in mind all ViewSonic Policies that are included in your employee handbook if you should post about or on behalf of ViewSonic and check back regularly for any updates.