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ViewSonic Recycle+ Program

ISO Certificate | Products & Packaging | EPS Foams | Mail Back Program | Product End-of-Life Recycling Instruction

ViewSonic is committed to promote a greener and cleaner environment in which electronic products should be retired and recycled responsibly. All electronic parts and e-waste collected by our recycling partner(s) will be recycled or reused in a manner that complies with federal, state, and local law. ViewSonic avert waste and does not dispose covered devices in landfills or transfer covered devices to recycling facilities that dispose of covered devices in landfills. ViewSonic contracts with collectors and recyclers across the US and Canada that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, utilizing e-Steward, R2/RIOS, and ISO standards in the recyclers’ operations. ViewSonic ensure we only engage with collectors and recyclers that are in good standing that does not violates laws when importing or exporting environmentally sensitive materials throughout final disposition.

ViewSonic offers convenient ways to handle your recycling needs to protect our environment in support of our ISO 14001:2004 EMS. ViewSonic provides a Mail Back Program across the US and Canada to recycle covered electronic devices. The Mail Back Program provides an effective way to retire old electronic equipment by way of recycling processes that meet the high environmental standards of the participating states.


ISO Certificates

Recyclable Products and Packaging

ViewSonic products and packaging are largely recyclable. Circuit boards, metal, and plastic from product units can be dismantled and recycled by our recycling partner(s) in United States and Canada according to Federal, State, and local authority guidelines. Cardboard, printed guides (paper), CDs, and plastic bags from our packaging can also be recycled, as well as some foam materials.


EPS Foams - Expanded Polystyrene Foams

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a lightweight, rigid, closed-cell insulation used as part of our packaging to firmly support our products during transit. Besides retired electronics, cardboard materials and plastic bags, the EPS foams are recyclable too! Each year, more than 50% of all EPS collected was used to make recycled-content packaging. To locate the nearest EPS recycling location in your area, simply click on the link here


ViewSonic Mail Back Program

ViewSonic supports governing laws of all participating states for proper recycle, reuse and refurbishment of retired electronics and ban of certain types of electronic waste in landfills. We have implemented a Mail Back program in United States and Canada to recycle Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs)*. For a comprehensive resource of all participating states and their legislation and local state recycling information, please click here.

ViewSonic is also proud to support a no charge Mail Back program.  We partner with multi-faceted recycling and asset management companies to properly manage end-of-life unwanted electronic devices. We have thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada to support your recycling need. To learn more about our Mail Back program or request for a prepaid shipping label, please click here. Free label will be provided via email.

If you wish to send your unwanted electronic devices to Viewsonic directly, our mailing address is 14035 Pipeline Avenue Chino, CA 91710. Be sure to mark your package “Attn: Recycling Program”

We welcome your feedback and comments.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact ViewSonic at (800) 688-6688 or email us at Thank you for your interest and support to keep our environment clean and green!

* A covered electronic device (CED) is a video display device with a screen greater than four inches, measured diagonally, which DTSC has identified in regulation as a device that is presumed to be hazardous waste when discarded.
Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs) list varies from state to state. CEDs could be any or all stand alone devices such as Cathode ray tube devices, monitors, desktop monitor –LCD screens, and/or computers, laptops, Televisions, plasma TVs,  notebooks, netbooks, tablets, Electronic keyboards, Digital Media Devices, portable DVD players with a screen, Digital photo frames. (This does not cover integrations where these products are built-in as a part of a larger industrial, commercial or medical equipment.)


Product End-of-Life Recycling Instruction

The document is intended for use by recyclers to facilitate end-of-life treatment. It provides disassembly instructions to remove the special handling materials, as defined by EU directive 2012/19/EU, WEEE.


The detailed disassembly instructions by model can be found at our FTP site (

Requirement communications and FTP access permission are via

Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that waste is disposed of, without endangering human health and harming the environment, in particular:

  • without risk to water, air, soil and plants and animals,
  • without causing a nuisance through noise or odors,
  • without adversely affecting the countryside or places of special interest.