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vDisplay Manager

vDisplay Manager

  • Customized Layouts For Productivity
  • Easy Screen Navigation
  • Screen Orientation For Your Workflow
  • Colors For All
  • Convenient Startup
  • Smart Backlight
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Product Overview

Boost productivity with ViewSonic® vDisplay Manager, an intuitive desktop software integrated into all ViewSonic VG and VP series monitors. Beyond seamlessly integrating On-Screen Display (OSD) controls and basic settings, this powerful tool delivers features such as Screen Split, Auto Launch, and Smart Backlight, which allow you to customize screen layouts and settings in order to maximized comfort and efficiency.

Customized Layouts For Productivity

The Screen Spilt feature allows you to create an ideal and customized working environment on your ViewSonic screen. Choose from a selection of six pre-defined templates, or create your own customized layout by selecting frame colors, size and transparency to fit your preferences. Screen Split will divide your screen into multiple viewing windows, allowing you to simultaneously view and work on multiple applications and boost productivity and multitasking.

Easy OSD Navigation

A variety of useful features enable you to navigate your monitor’s on-screen display with ease. Quickly change the brightness, contrast, and sharpness levels with Color/Image Adjust. Choose the most comfortable viewing experience via the presets in ViewMode. Easily control volume with Audio adjust, and switch between input options via Input Select.

Screen Orientation For Your Workflow

With the click of a button, change the orientation of your screen based on your workflow. Whether you are editing images or reviewing documents, pivot your screen -90°, +90°, or 0°. Screen Pivot is available within the Advanced Settings feature.

Color For All

Select from pre-defined color filters for convenient and accurate color distinction for differing types of color weakness and colorblindness.*

*Available on select models only.

Convenient Startup

The software comes equipped with Auto Launch*, a handy tool that enables you to quickly access and continue working in previously opened windows. Auto Launch enables you to capture and save preferred screens and applications, and initiate these windows in a set pattern when vDisplay Manager is opened.

*The Auto Launch feature is only available for Windows.

Smart Backlight

Smart Backlight offers specialized presets for different usage scenarios including Energy, Concentrate, and Relax. You can also set preferred brightness and contrast levels according to your work schedule by adjusting the Work Mode button to the desired time slot.