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In partnership with EdTech, ViewSonic provides Professional Development Webinars to help educators optimize their ViewBoard®. Hosted by a ViewSonic for Education Certified Trainer (VECT), these 1-hour long trainings are custom-tailored to each school’s unique needs, and will demonstrate and showcase the key features and workflows of ViewBoard® interactive flat panels and software. Webinars are targeted and task-based with the objective to provide attendees with resources to be implemented on their own time in their own classrooms. A discovery call is conducted prior to the webinar to address existing initiatives (Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.), to better understand classroom goals, and to establish topics to be addressed in the webinar. A live Q&A follows the webinar.


Professional Development Webinars deliver the virtual training needed to successfully integrate ViewBoard technology into the classroom. Each training has a discovery phase, as well as 50 minutes of customized training based on your schools unique needs, followed by a live 10-minute Q&A.


OS Training

This customized, live training aligns with operating systems currently used in the classroom including Google/Chrome OS, Windows (7,8,10), or Mac OSX.

Operating System
Operating System


Participants can join ViewSonic’s ViewSchoolSM Program for additional educational resources. Participants are invited to join the free EdTech Team Global Community, where members receive ongoing support to continue their learning and connect with like-minded educators.

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