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Hybrid education is the new norm where live instruction is simultaneously delivered to both in-classroom and online students. For example, a teacher can teach from a physical classroom with some students in attendance, while others attend class remotely from home or another location. In another scenario, the teacher may instruct from a physical classroom or from home, while all students are attending via remote locations.

Whether you are in the classroom, teaching from home, or reaching your students via a combination of both, we can help. Check out our videos below to learn about ViewSonic® hybrid teaching and hybrid learning solutions.

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Hybrid Teaching Videos

ViewSonic® Hybrid Teaching Solutions

Whether you are teaching from home, or if you are back in the classroom, ViewSonic delivers a full suite of education solutions to help you reach your students no matter the location. In this video, we take a look at how ViewSonic can help you when teaching from home, teaching in class with some students present and some students online, and teaching in class with all students remote.

Hybrid Teaching with ViewBoard® in the Classroom

From creating digital content and capturing lessons with video, to organizing digital assignments, our ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays deliver all you need to reach your students wherever they may be. Learn how you can use a ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display to simultaneously teach and share lessons with students in class and students learning remotely.

Teaching from Home with the ViewSonic® TD2455 Touch Display

With responsive, in-cell touch technology and an advanced ergonomic design, the TD2455 touch display delivers easy touch annotation that is more intuitive to use than a keyboard and mouse. Watch how easy it is to setup a teaching workstation at home with just a TD2455 touch display, laptop, webcam, and document camera.

Teaching from Home with the ViewSonic® TD1655 Touch Display

The TD1655 is a portable 15.6” touch display that can serve as a complementary touchscreen to a laptop or tablet for more effective lessons when teaching remotely. To learn more, check out the video.

Teaching from Home with the ViewSonic® VB Pen Display

Whether for teaching at home or in a traditional classroom, the ViewSonic VB Pen Display provides intuitive writing, drawing and annotating for an interactive whiteboarding experience in any location. Watch this video to see how the portable VB Pen Display can be used as a complementary screen to your laptop.

ViewSonic® VB Pen Pad

Working with digital content can be challenging, unless you have a device that lets you annotate. The ViewSonic VB Pen Pad is a physical notepad that also connects to your computer. Whatever you write on the paper, happens digitally on the computer, and can be shared to the class via projection. Watch the video to learn how.

Hybrid Learning Videos

TD2455 Interactive Student Workstation at Home

If you are learning remotely, the ViewSonic® TD2455 touch display can be used as an interactive student workstation. The TD2455 is perfect as a secondary display to a Chromebook or laptop, allowing students to follow along and work on their own touchscreen, while watching the teacher and following lessons on their primary screen. Watch the video to learn more.

Hybrid Teaching in a Classroom with Students at Home

If you are teaching from your classroom with your students learning remotely, you can use a ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display to easily communicate, teach, and share lessons with your students. For students at home, they can use a ViewSonic VG1655 portable monitor as a great complementary screen to their laptop or Chromebook. Watch the video to learn how.