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Mail Back Program

ViewSonic commits to provide clean, safe recycling to our partners as well. All electronic parts and e-waste will be properly recycled and re-used in accordance to state laws. Our goal is to provide a safe and environmentally friendly method of recycling, so no waste ever ends up in a landfill. ViewSonic will not dispose covered devices in landfills or transfer covered devices to recycling facilities that dispose of covered devices in landfills. ViewSonic contracts with collectors and recyclers that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, utilize R2/RIOS and ISO standards in their recycling operations, and do not allow violation of laws when importing or exporting environmentally sensitive materials throughout final disposition. ViewSonic and partnered recyclers are happy to recycle, refurbish, and reuse customers' unwanted electronics by offering a Mail Back program to anyone within eligible states who would like to recycle their Covered Electronic Devices (CEDs)*, such as desktop monitors, Televisions, Computers, and other peripherals.

ViewSonic and our recycling partners collect and recover CEDs under the Mail Back program. Consumers may obtain a FREE shipping return label by filling out the form below.

Here is how the Mail Back Program works:

  1. Ensure you are from one of the eligible states listed below (states not listed are not eligible):
  2. If in a qualifying state, a FREE Recycling Return Label may be requested here
    the Label will be sent via email.
  3. Carefully pack your old electronic device (CED)* with adequate protection for safe shipment.
  4. Affix the provided shipping label, and drop it off at the nearest FedEx location.
  5. Find a nearest FEDEX drop off location
  6. If a FedEx location is not convenient, please Contact Us for further assistance.

*Covered Electronic Devices include Televisions, Desktop Monitors, Computers (desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets), Electronic keyboards, Digital Media Devices, and Digital Photo Frames.