Video Wall
No compromises.
Everything needed for high-impact with ease. Ultra thin bezels. Easy daisy-chaining. The durability for uninterrupted 24/7 run-times. Plus abundant connectivity options and simplified remote management.
Impressive communication.
Not your average off-the-shelf displays. Purpose-built for the demands of high-impact 24/7 messaging, the quality components and robust features of true commercial-grade displays deliver reliable uptime, greater efficiencies and your best ROI.
Controls &
Execute with ease.
Intuitive features, functionality and interfaces abound, delivering simplified remote scheduling, maintenance and management via a single laptop, PC or network media server.
Be brilliant.
Captivate audiences and command attention to detail in any environment. Vivid clarity, stunning resolution and outstanding image quality make all the difference – up to 4K video support for 2x2 daisy-chained displays.
Wide Range
of Sizes
Options galore.
Engage the power of digital for your most effective communication, with commercial-grade large screen displays offering a range of features and functionality, in sizes from 32” to 98”.