What to do as it shows a warning message “Program not activated, will exit in 30 minutes” when running vBoard?

vBoard will be activated automatically while Internet in connected. Please make sure your IFP display is well connected to Internet.

What is the recommended height of installation for the ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels?

Installation height will depend on a number of factors like average height of users and size of the room.  For example, students in elementary schools will have a lower average height compared to high school.  Another option will be to mount it on an adjustable mobile trolley cart like our LB-STND-005-3 that can be adjusted to multiple heigh...

How do I remote control IFP5550/6550/7550/8650-1 (Gen. 1) power on/off via SureMDM?

Please refer to attached file to create a power on/off run script to remote control IFP 50-1(Gen. 1)  ,power on/off. File URL:https://support.viewsonic.com/helpdesk/attachments/33012153643

How can I lock the front panel buttons on IFP5550/IFP6550/ IFP7550/IFP8650?

Applied model: 1. Americas: IFP**50 - Gen 1, IFP**50 - Gen 2, IFP**50 - Gen 3.  2. Asia Pacific & Africa: IFP**50, IFP**50-2, IFP**50-3. 3. Europe: IFP**50, IFP**50-2EP, IFP**50-3EP. . Please refer either method below:   You will need to set combination key to “ON” at Debug menuàOther Settingà Combination key.   Then the font panel but...

What to do with black image when playing YouTube videos by Chromium?

Black image means that the specific video format isn't supported by Chromium. You can play such videos by integrated Browser in Embedded Player. 

The Fluo Yellow colour that shows on IFP5550 is becoming a yellow greenish, how can I do?

You can set color temperature to Cold or drag the dot to right to adjust in Display setting. Please note when you set color temperature to Cold or drag the dot to right to adjust, the blue light also increase.

What to do when: "Machine Code: 667406643860" shows up on my Viewboard after a reset?

This happens because vCast requires a license key to activate. Please ensure your Viewboard is connected to the internet to get “Registration OK” to show on screen to work.

How to make sound output from external speaker bypass integrated speaker in IFP30/50 series?

Please connect an audio cable from the AUDIO OUT connector on the IFP30/50 to an external amplifier or active speaker with a power adapter.

Do you have mobile carts I can use for moving the ViewBoard Interactive Display around?

ViewSonic offers two types of mobile carts to choose from. One is a Trolley Cart (VB-STND-001) and the other is a motorized cart (LB-STND-005-3).  Please visit the product page of the mobile carts on our website for more information regarding maximum weight and features.

Is there any recommended RS232 software to control IFP7550 by ASCII command?

You may control IFP7550 by Hercules software. Please have "HEX" checkbox unchecked and key in ASCII command with <CR> at the end.

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