What do I do if there's damage on the DVLED flight case that I received?

Answer: If you are the recipient of the DVLED flight case, you must document any damage to the fight case onto the BOL (bill of lading). For information on potentially damaged or missing contents inside the flight case, please refer to "I'm a DVLED installer, but I need to ensure shipment corresponds with what is supposed to be provided. What a...

What are things to be aware of when routing Ethernet cable through back hole on my DVLED Display?

Answer:  The USB to RJ45 adapter needs to be independently purchased in order to connect the USB port to the motherboard. Cables should not be affixed too tight or have too much tension to avoid damage to USB cable and/or USB port

What is the installation process of the DVLED Display?

The DVLED installation process has multiple steps and the guidelines are given to those who wish to receive training. Installation should be done by personnel who have received training. Please refer to the installation video for a brief installation demonstration. Please contact your regional office for DVLED training-related questions. ...

What should I do when I receive my Flight Case(s) for my DVLED product(s)?

Solution   Step 1: Insect the flight case and compare to pre-shipment photos; document any damage to the flight case on the BOL (bill of lading).  Step 2: Open the flight case and compare to pre-shipment photos; document any damage to the flight case on the BOL. If you have multiple Flight Cases per dvLED product, you may refer to "Why...

What is the LED module specs for DVLED Displays?

LED module specs for DVLED Displays will vary by model. Please refer to the following table below:

I need to ensure a DVLED Display's shipment's contents corresponds with what is supposed to be provided? What are the contents?

Ensure there are five cabinets labeled “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” LED modules (varies by model refer to User Guide or FAQ link) x1 system control box x1 set of mounting brackets x3 system control box covers x32 M6x50mm Expansion Screws x32 TA6x30mm Screws x16 M6x10mm Screws x20 M6x16mm Screws x12 KM3x6mm Screws ...

Why did I receive two Flight Cases for my 1x DVLED product?

Answer: Floor Stands come in a separate Flight Case. Please verify if there was an order placed for the optional Floor Stand. If so, you will find that the Flight Case for Floor Stand is smaller than the Flight Case for Display as shown in the figure below.

When would the optional DVLED Floor Stand be used?

Answer: DVLED Displays are wall-mounted by default. However, for situations where the wall-mount display constrained by the venue or need a mobile function, the optional Floor Stand can be purchased and used for the respective DVLED product.

I need to make sure I received the correct Flight Case for my DVLED product before opening, how do I do that?

Answer: Please refer to the Flight Case Dimensions and Weight page (DVLED products)

What are the main installation differences between Wall-mount and Floor Stand setups for DVLED Displays?

Wall-mount Upper and lower bracket locations aligned and mounted first Upper bracket screw holes on the bottom Cabinets are installed before system control box is installed After upper and lower brackets installed, Cabinet "C" installed in the center position first. Next, Cabinets "B", "D", "E", "A" installed in this respective order...

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