How to clean LCD display?

General Precautions Make sure the monitor is turned off and the power cable is unplugged from the power outlet. Never spray or pour any liquid directly onto the screen or case. Doing so could damage your monitor. Dust or hard materials may scratch the screen. Please make sure the cleaning cloth is free of any debris. Clean and dry the m...

What to do when there is no display from my monitor?

Please make sure the monitor’s power cable is properly seated in the port and that the monitor is powered on. By default LED indicator will light up when the monitor is powered on. If no LED indicator lights up, please try another power outlet first.   If above doesn’t help, please contact ViewSonic service center. 

How to set power lock and menu lock?

On some monitors, there is a power button lock that locks the power and power button in the ON position.  There is also a menu lock feature which can lock and unlock the OSD (On-Screen Display) Menu.  Power Lock: To lock the Power Button press and hold both the [1] button and the down arrow button for 10 seconds.  OSD Lock: ...

How to Enable 180Hz Refresh Rate on my ViewSonic monitor?

To enable 180Hz refresh rate on your monitor, you need to turn on Overclocking in the monitor's On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu. After turning on Overclocking, you then can set the refresh rate to 180 Hz under your computer's “Display” settings. For example, in Windows go to Settings > System > Display >  Advanced display to set the refr...

How to output video at 120Hz from PS5 or Xbox Series X/S to ViewSonic monitors?

The new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft support video ouput up to 120Hz. Please follow below instructions to enable 120Hz on your console. <PlayStation 5> 1. Open "Settings". 2. Select "Screen and Video". 3. Select "Enable 120 Hz Output" in "Video Output". 4. Select "Automatic" in the pop-up menu. ...

How to enable AMD FreeSync?

To use AMD Freesync, there're some requirement with graphics cards, graphics drivers and certified monitors. 1. A compatible GPU with a DisplayPort connection. Compatible GPUs include all AMD Radeon™ graphics cards beginning with Radeon™ HD 7000 Series, released in 2012, and all newer Radeon consumer graphics products.Other GPUs, such ...

How to Connect an iPhone to VA1655

The VA1655 monitor can accept Type-C and Mini HDMI video input. However, currently there is no direct Type-C video adapter for iPhones. You will need to purchase the iPhone HDMI adapter separately, and then use the HDMI-Mini HDMI adapter cable (VA1655 standard cable) to output to VA1655.

How can I select 165Hz on XG2703-GS?

You can navigate to manual Image adjust on OSD menu.   Select Overclocking -> 165Hz.    

Can I Calibrate my sRGB or AdobeRGB monitor’s Luminance value below 80cd/m^2?

Can I Calibrate my sRGB or AdobeRGB monitor’s Luminance value below 80cd/m^2?   NO

Why does brightness go down on VP2785-4K while calibrating?

Why does brightness go down on VP2785-4K after calibration?   Because on VP2785-4K, Energy saving is set to ON by default for power saving.     Please turn off the Energy saving to OFF and proceed with calibration.

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