When using a camera, why does taking a photo of my DVLED Display produce screen ripples and/or horizontal stripes?

When the customer takes a photo using the display, the picture may produce screen ripples and/or horizontal stripes. These two scenarios are not caused by an issue with the LED display, but in fact the Moiré pattern: ripples of the camera and the monitor interfering with each other, resulting in Moiré fringes.


Screen Ripples

The photographer can increase shooting distance, or adjust the camera’s aperture to avoid Moiré fringes.

Horizontal Stripes

The horizontal streaks in the photo is caused by the usage of indoor lights, which use Alternating Current, and which will regularly flicker due to operation at a fixed frequency.

The photographer can avoid this by adjusting the shutter speed of the camera.

Last modified: Apr 2022

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