What is the Bracket installation order of the DVLED Wall-mount configuration?

The Bracket installation order varies from the Floor Stand configuration. Please follow the steps in the respective order for the Wall-mount configuration:

  1. Appropriate location and center point found for installation (e.g. upper bracket mounted at least two meters above the ground for a 135" LED display; for other display sizes, check corresponding data)
  2. Used a leveling device to assist in screwing in upper wall bracket
  3. Screw holes on the BOTTOM of the bracket when installed
  4. Arrow on Cabinet C is facing upward, fixed on the upper wall bracket to determine the position of the lower wall bracket
  5. Leveling device used to temporarily fix two screws in position one of the lower wall brackets
  6. Cabinet C moved to the other side to install the other lower wall bracket
  7. After confirming the correct position, lower wall brackets permanently fixed onto the wall

Please move on to install the Cabinets first before installing the System Control Box

For bracket installation order of the Floor Stand configuration, please click here.

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Last modified: Apr 2022

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