How do I update my DVLED Display's firmware?


The LED display motherboard firmware can be set to update automatically or manually. To set to automatically update, please refer to "How do I set the DVLED Display to automatically update firmware?"

If you don’t want to update automatically, you can also manually update via OTA or USB. The steps to manually update firmware can be followed below.

Manual Update

1) If you want to update manually via OTA

select "Check Now" on the System Update window, the LED display will automatically check for the latest firmware and download it automatically. You only need to perform the installation manually.

2) To update the firmware via USB

the compressed firmware file to the USB will need to be downloaded from the official website to the USB. 

After connecting the USB to the monitor, click "BROWSE". After selecting the file, the firmware will be automatically updated.

Last modified: Apr 2022

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