Conquer Remote and In-Office Obstacles with ViewSonic’s Advanced Collaborative Solutions

Conquer Remote and In-Office Obstacles with ViewSonic’s Advanced Collaborative Solutions

Conquer Remote and In-Office Obstacles with ViewSonic’s Advanced Collaborative Solutions

The workspace has fundamentally changed, hybrid workflows may replace, or compliment, the traditional office after the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding an evolution of office-remote collaboration solutions. Work from anywhere has become normal, but people now struggle with workspace setup difficulties and even experience physical discomfort.

A workstation with the right equipment could help employees to adapt to the new working pattern and further increase productivity and efficiency. To successfully meet the demand, ViewSonic provides a variety of innovative solutions that are simple and intuitive, creating a flexible hybrid workflow for multitasking workers whether in the office or remote.

Advanced Interactive Displays that Amplify Team Engagement
To enhance engagement in meetings and classrooms, ViewSonic accelerated the innovation of interactive displays by embedding display series with comprehensive conferencing features, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced audio capabilities.

For large meeting spaces, the ViewBoard 70 series is designed to provide enterprises with easy-to-use and high-quality conferencing capabilities. It has been certified by Microsoft as a Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) that allows for advanced collaboration. The series also comes with an ideal USB-C one-cable solution, offering an intuitive touch and writing experience.

With a user-centric design in mind, the recently launched ViewBoard 52 series features superior sound integration with a brand-new innovative Multimedia Sound Bar. Combined with its USB-C front-facing inputs, enhanced management tools, and control systems, the series creates a more engaging learning environment and greatly elevates team collaboration.

For both small meeting rooms and in-person spaces, the 43” Compact ViewBoard interactive display, ViewBoard 4320, is a combination of software and hardware to foster effective teamwork and boost productivity for group discussions.

Second Screen Support with Built-in Webcams and Portable Devices
A second screen solution that supports a remote user’s setup is crucial. ViewSonic recently introduced monitors embedded with high-quality cameras that make virtual communication more immersive, and portable devices for those who seek the ability to swiftly set up a flexible work environment even when they are on the move.

For example, ViewSonic’s latest 24” VG2440V and 27” VG2740V webcam monitors deliver superb video conferencing capability and crisp audio through a built-in speaker and microphone. With the monitor’s vertical angle adjustment and advanced ergonomic flexibility, it enables users to interact with others online at the desired angle.

ViewSonic’s portable monitors are perfect for overcoming one-screen limitations no matter where you are. Their built-in back stand and pivotable display enable users to adjust the viewing angle, making it more versatile for different use cases. The 16” TD1655 and VG1655 are now on the market, with more portable models being introduced soon.

myViewBoard Suite Enhances Collaboration
ViewSonic’s myViewBoard suite offers excellent assistance and collaboration features. It comes with whiteboarding functions that provide more ways to take notes or minutes in online meetings and instantly share them, and allows for efficient remote management of multiple displays at the same or different offices.

About ViewSonic
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