How Digital Software Helps in Online Education?

How Digital Software Helps in Online Education?

With a global pandemic of Coronavirus in sight, hundreds of colleges, universities, schools, training centers, and tutors have moved their instruction to virtual settings – plenty of them, for the first time. Adapting teaching and ensuring a fluid learning experience has depended entirely on technology these days. Several digital educational tools have been created to give autonomy to the student, improve the academic processes, administration, encourage collaboration, and facilitate communication between teachers and learners.

So let’s explore how digital software helps in making virtual learning a success?

Role of Digital Software in Online Education

Digital Software provides technical tools for online classes in which students and teachers interact and educational institutions host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality available in a traditional classroom environment. Online classes hold real-time lessons remotely while offering the possibility of the same collaborative tools and level of student interaction as it used to be in a physical classroom. Educational institutions utilize digital software to provide access to students who may not be able to attend in-person courses. Through online education, teachers can interact with students and engage them with lesson materials, presentation views, and videos, and conduct online tests, all in real-time.

How To Choose Digital Software for your classroom?

Since, K-12 Instructors, tutoring spaces, and plenty of other individual educators have also stepped up their use of online teaching platforms. It has become a challenge to choose the best digital software for any particular purpose. Choosing the best digital software for your school or educational institute is a big deal that requires an abundance of your attention and research which involves considering some of the less tangible goals like “What solution would enable educators to teach the learners most effectively?” or “Which platform is the easiest to use and most fun for teaching and learning?” the list goes on… The digital software market has been expanding and turning more buyer-centric offering a variety of different software options available for online teaching. Other things to be considered include whether you will be teaching several students simultaneously or taking one on one lessons before concluding.

To qualify for inclusion in the Online Classroom category, a product must be:

  • Capable of live video streaming
  • Able to provide screen sharing
  • Containing an online whiteboard feature
  • Having internet connectivity
  • Hardware & software compatible
  • Providing a comprehensive online classroom environment designed for educational institutions as well as individual teachers and tutors
  • Able to stream live rich media interactive presentations

The Best Digital Software For Online Teaching

myViewBoard by ViewSonic proves to be one of the best digital software for online education that offers a complete suite of tools, features, and functions within a single platform, providing cloud storage for teachers to access their lessons from anywhere, digital annotation tools, and multiple presentation options for better engagement, and a built-in platform for video-assisted learning with over 2 million vetted educational videos with customizable lesson plans.

This hybrid teaching software tool is packed with a variety of features to help create a classroom environment in the digital space. Whether being present in the classroom, home, or reaching your students via a combination of both. ViewSonic myViewBoard allows teachers to create engaging lessons for wherever their students are learning from. This interactive whiteboard has been specifically designed to support lessons that flow with best-in-class collaboration tools, user-centric design features, advanced eye-care technology, an integrated soundbar, and a browser-based remote management system leading the way in interactive whiteboards for education.

Final Thoughts

Digital Software has been a saviour during these times of the virtual era since these are highly engaging which leads to encouraging students to participate more in their online classes. As a result, they end up absorbing a lot more knowledge without realization since they get too busy enjoying their classes. While choosing a digital software for your classroom, ensure considering each feature in terms of how it assists the user. The connectivity of digital software remains one of the biggest concerns for teachers as they worry about facing technical problems and compatibility issues while conducting online classes.