歡迎您來到 ViewSonic 產品線上註冊的網頁!您可以利用本網頁來為您剛買的新 ViewSonic 產品,包括顯示器、投影機、Tablet PC、Pocket PC 等產品直接在本網頁線上註冊。

如果您已經將 ViewSonic 產品註冊了,但是您的聯絡資料需要做更動,那麼您可以利用另一個功能「修改連絡資料」來修改您的連絡資料。

Welcome to the ViewSonic Online Product Registration!

At ViewSonic, we strongly believe in providing the utmost convenience to our customers. As such, you may wish to register your newly purchased ViewSonic products such as Monitors, Projectors, Tablet PC, Pocket PC, etc online. Should you need to change your contact details, kindly select on the "Change of Particulars" icon to update accordingly.


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