ClassSwift 1.8 Patch Notes

New Features

  1. [Attendance list] Added 'Remove Student' options

  2. [My Class] Added “Class Management” button directly to window for easy access to ClassSwift Hub.

  3. [Attendance list] Teachers can now add or deduct point from the Attendance List window.

  4. [Attendance list] Teachers can now Add/Deduct points for all students at the same time.

  5. [Sign in] Added concurrent teachers and session expiration

    1. Added error handling for logging into expired organizations.
    2. Added error handling for logging into concurrent organizations that are currently full.
    3. The organization admin can now remove teachers in ClassSwift Hub, teachers should wait 5 minutes before attempting to log back in.
  6. [Plus Plan] Increased the number of students who can join from 35 -> 50

  7. Added a scroll bar to scrollable pages


Bug Fixes

  • **[860t3tf40] [Quiz] If a student’s answer is too long, the enlarged screen cannot fully display the answer content**
  • [860t3tk13] [Sign in] Click forgot password, direct to the wrong page
  • [860t5ub0g] [Push and response] Unable to edit after opening "completed" push & response, open an unfinished work instead.
  • 【860rzq0x5】[UX][Touch] When holding down the icon to move the toolbar and release it, the icon will be clicked
  • [Quiz] After starting the quiz, the number of people displayed on the answer panel does not match the actual number of people in the class

Known Issues

  • [860rywgq8] [Host][Quiz Record] Quiz Result Display Error
  • **[860t38nuu] [Quiz]If the teacher loses internet connection at the same time a student submits an answer during the quiz, it is not recorded**
  • **[860t3aq67] [Quiz] The error caused by a teacher disconnecting and closing the program during a quiz in progress**
  • **[860t450f2] [Disconnect][Quiz] When the teacher disconnects after sending a quiz**
  • **[86endnn00] [Touch][Push and response] When using the (Penoval) to quickly double-click, it may lead to an issue where subsequent writing does not work**
Last modified: Mar 2024

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