[Owner, Admin, Teacher] Switching between organizations

Many users in ClassSwift Hub manage responsibilities across different organizations. Whether you're an Owner of a tutoring center and a Teacher in a school, or an Admin across several schools in a district, switching between organizations is essential for accessing specific tools and data. 


Why You Might Need to Switch Organizations 

  • Multiple Roles: Managing different roles across educational settings requires access to distinct organizational dashboards. 
  • Collaborative Projects: Participating in projects that span multiple institutions requires the ability to switch views to manage and contribute effectively. 


How to Switch Between Organizations 

  • Log In: Sign into ClassSwift Hub with your credentials. 
  • Select an OrganizationClick the drop-down on the top left of the page and choose the organization you need to manage. 
  • Access Dashboard: The system will update to show the selected organization's dashboard. 



Switching between organizations in ClassSwift Hub is a straightforward process that enables users with multiple roles to manage their responsibilities efficiently. Whether you're overseeing multiple schools, involved in diverse educational projects, or managing a private institution while teaching, the ability to switch seamlessly is crucial for your success and organizational efficiency. 

Last modified: May 2024

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