Why can't the M1 mini Power On or Auto Shutdown after charging?



1. Using a power bank or a USB power adapter with DC output of 5V/2A is required via the Micro USB port for charging the M1 mini battery.


2. Charge the projector for 2 hours (5V/2A) before using it in battery mode for the first time.


Battery Usage Time Information




  • When the projector is in use, a 5V/2A power adapter is required to fully recharge the projector.
  • When the projector is in use, using the USB A port to power other devices, e.g. wireless dongle, may prevent the projector battery from being fully recharged.
  • When the projector is in use with a low battery status, using the USB A port (2.5W), even if the power adapter is plugged in, the projector may turn off or restart automatically. If this occurs it is suggested to remove the USB A connected device and let the battery fully charge.
Last modified: Jul 2022

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