163” All-in-One Direct View LED Display

  • 163" seamless large screen with high brightness and powerful speakers
  • All-in-One integration for effortless installation
  • Anti-collision, dustproof, and moisture-proof with GOB surface treatment
  • Detachable system control box for a minimalist appearance and easy access
  • Premium aesthetics with an ultra-slim and bezel-free design
  • Capable of PIP/PBP display, wireless casting, and LAN control


The ViewSonic LDM163-182 is a cutting-edge 163” All-in-One LED display designed to elevate visual and auditory experiences in high-end corporate and educational environments. Boasting an impressive 600-nit brightness, a high 6,500:1 contrast ratio, and a 3,840Hz refresh rate, complemented by dual 30W speakers, it ensures exceptional clarity and immersive audio for every video, presentation, or lecture. The All-in-One design seamlessly streamlines installation, allowing 2 people to set it up within 2 hours, thereby minimizing labor costs and downtime. This display utilizes the Glue-on-Board (GOB) surface treatment technology, achieving an IP54 rating for enhanced protection from collisions, dust, and moisture. Featuring a 31mm ultra-slim design and 6mm thin bezels, the display offers a premium aesthetic and ensures an engaging viewing experience. Additionally, the detachable control box enables it to achieve a nearly 99% screen-to-body ratio, seamlessly integrating into any space while providing easy accessibility. Moreover, it supports PIP/PBP display and wireless casting capabilities, offering more flexibility for collaboration. Adding to its convenience, compatibility with AV control systems enables IT staff to remotely configure the display.

Captivating Visuals that Shine Bright

Experience stunning clarity with an impressive brightness of 600 nits, featuring 100-level adjustments and an outstanding 6,500:1 contrast ratio. This display delivers captivating, crystal-clear visuals, effortlessly shining in large venues with ambient lighting. Boasting a lightning-fast 3,840 Hz refresh rate, it effortlessly elevates every presentation to an unparalleled level of excellence.​
Captivating Visuals that Shine Bright 1

Premium Aesthetics with Ultra-Slim & Bezel-Free Design

Spanning an expansive 163” screen, larger than nine 55” LCD displays combined, this frameless display seamlessly delivers content without any visible bezel stitching, creating a truly immersive visual experience. Its minimalist and sleek design, with a slim 31mm thickness, exudes sophistication that effortlessly complements any space and interior design.​

All-in-One Integration for Effortless Installation

The LED display's all-in-one design streamlines installation by eliminating the need for configuration involving power supply, control, image stitching, and display systems. Simply power on the display to initiate operations.
All-in-One Integration for Effortless Installation 1

Modular Design for Easy Installation

Thanks to its user-friendly modular design, this LED display can be installed by only 2 people within 2 hours*. Each LED module automatically configures and calibrates to its specific location and settings during installation, ensuring a smooth and effortless process​.

*Personnel who have received training and certification from ViewSonic

Enhanced Durability with GOB Surface Treatment​

Crafted for exceptional durability, this display features Glue-on-Board (GOB) surface treatment technology—a protective process that seals the LED module surface with transparent epoxy glue, enhancing protection during installation and use. Achieving an IP54* rating, it provides resistance against collisions, dust, and moisture, making it an ideal choice for public spaces such as lobbies, shopping malls, and transportation hubs.

*Only the LED module surface is rated IP54

Detachable System Control Box for a Minimalistic Appearance​

The system control box can be easily detached from the LED display, achieving an impressive 99% screen-to-body ratio that seamlessly integrates the display into any decor. It can also be placed up to 10 meters away from the LED display, ensuring flexible access to the control panel.​
Detachable System Control Box for a Minimalistic Appearance​ 1
Detachable System Control Box for a Minimalistic Appearance​ 2

Seamless Collaboration with Split-Screen Modes

Enhance collaborative content sharing with intuitive split-screen capabilities. This LED display seamlessly supports Picture-by-Picture (up to 4 different inputs) and Picture-in-Picture (a smaller screen within the main display) scenarios in real time, crafting a dynamic and versatile collaboration experience.​

*Both scenarios only work with the HDMI input source
Seamless Collaboration with Split-Screen Modes 1
Seamless Collaboration with Split-Screen Modes 2

Centralized Management via LAN Control

This LED display is compatible with Crestron and myViewBoard Manager, allowing easy and efficient management of multiple-display configurations from a PC via LAN connectivity.​
Centralized Management via LAN Control 1

Engage Your Audience through Powerful Audio

Deliver compelling presentations that captivate your audience with the display's dual sets of 30W speakers, ensuring powerful and clear sound even in large venues.
Engage Your Audience through Powerful Audio 1

Full Front Maintenance

Instead of relocating an entire set of display for maintenance, users can effortlessly replace any defective piece with the hot-swappable front LED modules using the electric vacuum suction tool – it's easy to use regardless of technical expertise.

Wireless Content Sharing from Mobile Devices

Simplify content sharing during presentations and enhance collaboration in multi-presenter meetings. Equipped with built-in 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi and the pre-installed vCast app, this display enables seamless wireless content sharing from one or multiple mobile devices to the screen simultaneously.
Wireless Content Sharing from Mobile Devices 1

Dimensions & I/O Ports

  1. Speakers
  2. HDMI Out
  3. SPDIF Out
  4. HDMI In*4
  5. LAN
  6. Audio Out*2
  7. IR Interface
  8. Light Sensor
  9. IR Receiver
  10. USB-C
  11. USB-A 3.0
  12. USB-A 2.0
  13. Menu Control: Setting
  14. Menu Control: Enter
  15. Menu Control: Brightness Level
  16. Power Button
  17. Indicator Light


  • Specification
    Screen Size: 163"
    Display Area (mm): 3600 (H) × 2025 (V)
    Native Resolution: 1920x1080
    Panel Technology: Direct view LED
    LED Package Type: SMD 3 in 1
    Bonding Wire: Copper
    Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.875
    Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
    Brightness (max.): 600 nits (100 levels adjustable)
    Contrast Ratio (typ.): 6500:1
    Orientation: Landscape
    Viewing Angles (typ.): H = 170, V = 170
    LED Lifetime (typ.): 100,000 Hours
    Local Storage: Total 32GB
    (26GB available storage)
    Embedded OS: Android 9.0
    Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to 4k(3840 * 2160@60hz)
    HDTV Compatibility: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p
    Horizontal Frequency: 31K-94kHz
    Vertical Scan Rate: 56-85Hz
  • Input
    HDMI: x4
    (HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2)
    (internal x3 + external x1)
    USB Type A: x2
    (USB3.0 x1, USB2.0 x1)
    RJ45 Input (Internet): x3
    (internet x2, control x1)
    IR in: x1
    Wi-Fi Input: 2.4G/5G Hz
    USB Type C: x1
    (data only)
  • Output
    HDMI out: x1
    (HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4)
    (internal x1)
    Speaker: 30Wx2
    Audio out (3.5mm): x2
    USB Type A (Power): Shared with USB input
    (5V/0.9A x1, 5V/0.5A x1, USB-C 5V/1A x1)