ViewSonic Unveils vTouch to Facilitate Multi Touch for macOS

Mac users can now enjoy gesture control and touch on all ViewSonic TD series touch monitors for greater productivity

Brea, California (November 24, 2020) ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announces the new vTouch driver for ViewSonic TD series touch monitor now enables all macOS users using touch and gesture controls. Mac users can now enjoy the full benefits of ViewSonic’s TD series for greater productivity through intuitive controls. ViewSonic TD series’ users may download vTouch at https://www.viewsonic.com/touch/touchscreen-monitor#mac

"ViewSonic leads the way by launching the vTouch driver to solve the plight of Mac users. Until the introduction of this software, Mac users could not use external touch monitors because of limitations within macOS. At best, they could get single touch functionality,” said Oscar Lin, Head of Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. “This meant that their productivity was hampered, but now with vTouch we have unlocked both touch and gesture controls for Mac computers on external touch monitors."

TD Series owners could easily install ViewSonic’s vTouch by downloading the driver at ViewSonic website. This new driver works across the entire TD series. Once installed, Mac users can enjoy full multi-touch functionality on extended monitors while running macOS. In addition, the driver supports multi-touch on macOS and most of the functions are the same as a Mac trackpad.

ViewSonic’s TD series touchscreen monitors boast a compact form factor and clean design, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Resistive touch, optical touch, and capacitive touch screens are all available and each offers unique benefits for various application scenarios.

vTouch is continually being improved to offer more advanced features. With the support for macOS 10.6 and above, vTouch works at both the OS level and application level(Note 1), thereby eliminating any common support issues.

(Note 1) The current version vTouch1.0 supports macOS Catalina, but not the latest macOS Big Sur.