ViewSonic Forms Strategic Partnership with Boclips to Enhance Video-Assisted Learning

The Partnership combines the World’s Leading Educational Video Platform and Digital Whiteboarding Ecosystem into an integrated solution.

London, UK (June 24, 2019) – ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces it has formed a strategic partnership with Boclips, a leading educational video content provider, to enhance the teaching experience through video-assisted learning with myViewBoard™ Clips. myViewBoard Clips allows educators to use the ViewSonic myViewBoard digital whiteboarding ecosystem to access more than 2 million licensed educational videos, free from advertising and inappropriate content and curated for specific subjects.

“We are delighted to be working with Boclips. We are two like-minded organisations that share a common goal of making the classroom a more effective and fun place to teach and learn,” said Bonny Cheng, President of the Global Product Group at ViewSonic. “With this collaboration we are excited to offer the myViewBoard Clips subscription. We seek to give educators access to a plethora of safe and relevant video content on top of the already well-established tools that are accessible on the ViewSonic myViewBoard ecosystem.”

“This collaboration brings our extensive library of educational videos to ViewSonic’s myViewBoard community, making the classroom an even more exciting place to impart and acquire knowledge,” said David Bainbridge, Boclips CEO and Founder. “Through the new educational video-streaming feature myViewBoard Clips, teachers will be able to find video content to support their learning objectives and easily incorporate it into their lectures and other activities, free from commercial distractions and firewall restrictions.”

myViewBoard is an end-to-end solution that offers teachers an easy-to-use platform to prepare engaging classroom content, present interactive lessons, and encourage participation in the classroom. The new learning tool, myViewBoard Clips, contains supplementary content from Boclips’s library of over 150 trusted and renowned media partners, including TED, PBS Newshour and Bloomberg, as well as teacher-favourites like Crash Course, Minute Earth and LearnZillion. The content is educationally curated, ad-free and suitable for global curricula. Access to these materials will give educators the freedom to create interactive and engaging lessons with rich content directly on the myViewBoard canvas.

About Boclips

Since the company’s foundation in 2014, the Boclips video platform has offered international education publishers and ministries of education a single procurement point to find, license and incorporate the world's video in their courseware.

Recognising the demand from teachers globally for a rich and relevant video repository in classrooms that is free from commercial distractions and firewall restrictions, the company launched Boclips for Teachers. The streaming on-demand platform features over 2 million educationally relevant videos including animations, historical footage, and breaking news from over 150 of the world’s most trusted content producers, including TED, PBS Newshour, Bloomberg and Dow Jones, as well as teacher-favourites like Crash Course, Minute Earth, and LearnZillion. The platform is curated to subject areas and age levels and is free from advertising, inappropriate content and data security concerns. For more information, visit www.boclips.com.

Video-Assisted Learning Experience

Teachers are using videos for teaching more so than ever. Research shows that 70% of educators use video in the classroom multiple times per week. Both teachers and students have expressed increased satisfaction when videos are utilised in education, with 92% of students and 83% of teachers reporting that videos have a positive impact in class (Kaltura 2018).

Video-assisted learning experience is the learning process of acquiring defined knowledge, competence and skills with the intelligent use of audio-visual aids as instructional resources. Many benefits of video-assisted learning have led to the rapid adoption of videos in teaching. It produces better cognitive and affective learning outcomes. It also enables educators to experiment with digital learning tools. It saves time and raises students’ interest given their proficiency with technology and appetite for online video consumption. In addition, video-assisted learning experience increases the retention of knowledge and stimulates understating and aptitude. It accommodates different learning styles as well as the need to foster creative and critical problem-solving skills. Lastly, it provides a standardised way of conveying information that can be viewed several times at any moment from any place where video-enabled devices and Internet access are available.

However, there are challenges about how teachers obtain video content. It is time-consuming for teachers to find suitable videos when they are already notoriously time-poor and overburdened with demands. They are also concerned about whether the videos come from a trustworthy and reliable source. Possible and inadvertent copyright infringement is another issue. Furthermore, cyber safety usually means teachers have limited access to publicly available video platforms, not to mention that advertisements and inappropriate content are quite often embedded in free videos.

The one-stop solution to the aforementioned problems is to create an educational video platform for teachers where they can easily access, edit, store, share, organise and suggest ad-free videos online. Therefore, ViewSonic has partnered with Boclips, an educational video content provider, to work on a video-assisted learning platform as such to help greatly reduce teachers’ workload and enhance student engagement.