“ViewSonic College” Established to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Education Industry

Brea, California (November 22, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and education solutions, announced the establishment of the “ViewSonic College” business unit to accelerate digital transformation in the education industry at the "EdTech Taiwan Exhibition”. To meet this long-term commitment, ViewSonic College will implement the Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS) strategy which will go beyond just offering hardware and software, but will also involve stakeholders to create new services and innovate EdTech solutions.

“In the hope of revolutionizing the education industry in the post-pandemic era, ViewSonic is cultivating teachers, improving digital learning content, and developing innovative EdTech solutions to achieve a comprehensive transformation for ‘the environment, the teaching quality, and the curriculum’,” said James Chu, CEO of ViewSonic. “ViewSonic will expand the collaboration in the education ecosystem, and develop cross-curricular digital interactive teaching materials, to accommodate the teacher-centered digital transformation.”

“Our approach is to simplify technological integration, and our goal is to enhance effective teaching through using the EaaS strategy,” said Professor Yujen Lien, the Principal of ViewSonic College. “We work with municipal government, schools, and educational institutes to equip all the teachers with the ability to teach digitally. We will also continue our efforts by launching new services with our partners so that we can ensure a sustainable ecosystem for the industry.”

Taiwan as a Pilot Program

As the pandemic loomed in March 2020, ViewSonic assembled a task force to work with municipalities around Taiwan. The task force arranged over 1,000 training sessions since then, certifying over 6,000 teachers as ViewSonic’s Certified Global Educators. ViewSonic also established a “ViewSonic innovative teaching community” social community, where more than 34,000 teachers can interact with one another, creating more than 3,000 innovative digital lesson plans. This initiative sets itself as a model to be replicated around the world.

When observing the transformation of digital teaching and learning, ViewSonic found that the bottleneck for digital teaching usually comes with the lack of teaching materials. To solve this, ViewSonic and its partners, such as the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council (Taiwan), an organization established to promote the learning of mandarin internally, and other education institutions, CAVES EDUCATION, Teacher Wen, and Taiwan Bar, have jointly released highly interactive teaching materials for composition, local culture and English learning accessible on myViewBoard.

These collaborations feature a comprehensive curriculum design to accommodate different teaching scenarios. Materials are designed with a variety of interactive games that encourage students to use what they have learned, while some allow the teacher to embed a great diversity of interactive materials quickly. The partnerships facilitate interactive participation and effective feedback — an ideal state of technology merged into teaching.

In addition to these initiatives, ViewSonic announced the top 20 winners of the 2nd InnoEducator Award that encourages teachers to use myViewBoard for interactive teaching. The Innovative Teaching Contest brings together teachers from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and levels of experience to exchange ideas for their lesson plans.

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