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Every startup requires their own unique setup. From touch, portable or pro-level creative monitors, to interactive presentation displays, ViewSonic’s diverse Workspace Collection has the productivity and precision to help personalize the workspace of your dreams.

Take a peek at the setup of H30

Follow the founders of a quirky startup to see how ViewSonic’s Workspace Collection caters to each of their personal needs—however peculiar they can be.

Be heard and seen

Create an optimized workspace made just to your liking. With unparalleled ergonomic capability and all-inclusive visual communication features, ViewSonic’s Full HD video conferencing monitors are designed for effective teamwork. Just the way you like.

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Get hands-on. Literally

Our touch display lets you adapt to any workflow and work the way you want. Compatible with PC and Mac gestures and complete with dynamic positioning flexibility, ViewSonic’s Touch Monitor with Active Pen gives you the power of the pen to let your ideas flow naturally.

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Work wherever life takes you

Create a workspace that travels with you. ViewSonic’s portable monitors are perfect for overcoming one-screen limitations with a plug-and-play solution that makes productivity possible wherever you are.

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Find the setup for your startup

From cafes to conference rooms, see the difference in your productivity with the right visual display solution.


Enjoy plug-and-play productivity

Kill the clutter in your setup with the one-cable solution. ViewSonic’s range of USB-C monitors allow you plug into instant productivity with high-speed data transfer and power delivered through a single cord.

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Up your game with pro-level displays

Go big with ViewSonic’s professional displays designed for higher level precision and collaboration.

Acceleration for All 2022

See how ViewSonic and Hustle Fund are teaming up to give entrepreneurs the chance to win big.

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