Engage Students Visually

Engaged students are active participants in their own education. ViewSonic education solutions grab and hold your students' attention.

Why is visual engagement important?

Engaged students have better attention, retention, and recall.

Engage student's attention with multi-media content.

Encourage clearer thinking with visual input.

Interact directly with on-screen content as a class.


Visual Engagement and Hybrid Learning with ViewSonic Education

Through the ViewBoard interactive displays and the full myViewBoard suite of digital learning tools, Batangas State University has successfully boosted student engagement and kept classes open to both in-person and remote learners.


Benefits of a Visual Learning Environment

Give your students a clearer picture with visual media

Increase attention

Engage more of a student's mind
with multiple media.

Increase understanding

Use a wider range of examples to better communicate ideas.

Increase results

Improve student performance
through visual teaching.

Thought Leadership for Student Engagment

See the difference a media-rich education will make.