Why my VG2455 / VG2755 shows no screen when connected through USB Type C to MacBook/MacBook Pro?

Models: VG2455 / VG2755

Solution: upgrade Monitor firmware via ViewSonic's vDisplay Manager.



  1. Please download ViewSonic's vDisplay Manager. [For more information, please see steps 1~3 under Firmware Upgrade Procedure below.]
  2. Please make sure both HDMI and USB cables (USB Type B to Type A) are connected between the monitor and your PC/Notebook.
  3. Your PC/Notebook needs to be connected to Wi-Fi or a Wired Network.
  4. For more detailed operation of ViewSonic's vDisplay Manager, please download the ViewSonic vDisplay Manager User Guide.


Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Please access ViewSonic's homepage and find the VG2455 or VG2755 product page.
  2. Find “Downloads” and click on it.

  3. Find vDisplay Manager, download it, and install the software.

  4. After launching vDisplay Manager, click on Advanced > Information > Update. The software will detect the latest version and then proceed with firmware version upgrade if needed. 

Please DO NOT turn off the monitor power during the upgrading process to prevent upgrade failure.
Last modified: May 2021

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