Why am I unable to do wireless casting from my laptop via PJ-WPD-700?

  1. For wireless casting via PJ-WPD-700, it's necessary to connect to an USB-C port of laptop/desktop which supports DP Alt mode (DisplayPort Alternative Mode on USB-C).

  2. USB Type C refers to the connector type, but not the capability of the port itself. Also, not all USB Type C ports support video output (Video over USB Type C).

  3. USB-C ports with any of the following symbols nearby can support DP Alt mode. You may confirm with your laptop/desktop manufactures for exact specification.

DP ALT.png  DP Alt mode official symbol.

TB symbol.png Thunderbolt, USB-C port labeled with thunderbolt symbol will also support DP Alt mode.

Last modified: មករា 2024

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