What's the duration of Security Update Support for ViewSonic Consumer Projectors?

ViewSonic will offer security update support to the below consumer projector products in compliance with the UK’s Consumer Connectable Product Security Regime until the dates specified below.


End of Support

LS741HD/   VS19894/ CPD60HD/ HC60HD/ T60HD/ KL60HD/ V60HD/ LS741HDE/ LS741HDP/ LS741HDC/   LS751HD/ VS19337/ CPD42HD/ HC42HD/ T42HD/ KL42HD/ V42HD/ LS751HDE/ LS751HDP/   LS751HDC/ LS751HD-2/ LS751HD-3 /PJD754HD/ PJD756HD/ THD756/ TYS605HD/   TB3505HD/ PZ2214 / LS710HD/ VS19338/ CPD43HD/ HC43HD/ T43HD/ KL43HD/ V43HD/   LS710HDE/ LS710HDP/ LS710HDC/ LS710HD-  2/ LS710HD-3/  PJS713HD/   PJS715HD/ THD715/ TYS603HD/ TB0703HD/ PZ2213/ LS832WU/ VS19516/ CPD50WU/   HC50WU/ TS50WU/ KL50WU/ V50WU/ LS832WUE/ LS832WUP/ PJS835WU/ PJS837WU/   TWU837/ TYS706WU/ TB2406WU/ PZ2317/

LS950-4K/ LS960WU/ LS950WU/ LS951WU/ LS901-4K/ LS901HD/ VS20004/ VS20006/ VS20003/ VS20005/ VS20033/ VS20032

X1000-4K/ VS17679/ CPD1000-4K/   HC4K9/ T4K9/ KL9-4K/ V9-4K/   X1000-4KE/ X1000-4KP/ X1000-4K+/ PJX1003K/ PJX1005K/   RK1005/ TYX3000K/ TX5000K/   PT1823/ X100-4K/ VS17739/ CPD100-4K/ HC4K8/ T4K8/ KL8-4K/   V8-4K/ X100-4KE/ X100-4KP/ X100-4K+/ PJX103K/ PJX105K/   RK105/ TYX300K/ TX500K/   PT1822/ M2e/ VS18294/ CPD2eHD/ HCHD16/ THD16/ KL16HD/ V16HD/ M2eE/ M2eP/ M2eC/ M2e-2/ M2e-3/ PJM6HD/ PJM8HD/ RHD8/ TYM7HD/ TM11HD/ PT2013/ M1X/ VS19530/ CPD57X/ HC57X/ TS57X/ KL57X/ V57X/ M1XE/ M1XP/ M1XC 

X2000B-4K/   X2000L-4K/ VS18991/ CPL2000B-4K/ CPL2000L-4K/ HC4KB23/ HC4KL22/ T4KB23/   T4KL22/ KL23B-4K/ KL22L-4K/ V23B-4K/ V22L-4K/ X2000B-4KE/ X2000L-4KE/   X2000B-4KP/ X2000L-4KP/ X2000B-4KC/ X2000L-4KC/ X2000B-4K-2/ X2000L-4K-2/   X2000B-4K-3/ X2000L-4K-3/ PJS2003K/ PJS2005K/ TK2005/ TYS10K/ TB60K/ PZ2211/   CK9/ PL9

X11-4K/ VS18846/   CPD11-4K/ HC4K24/ T4K24/ KL24-4K/ V24-4K/ X11-4KE/ X11-4KP/ X11-4KC/   X11-4K-2/ X11-4K-3/ PJX14K/ PJX16K/ RK16/ TYX33K/ TX55K/ PB2213/ Q30/ M10/   VS19689/ CPD58/ HC58/ TS58/ KL58/ V58/ M10E/ M10P/ M10C/ PJS13HD/ PJS15HD/   THD25/ TYS20HD/ TB30HD/ PZ2324/ M2W/ VS19063/ CPD2W/ HCW32/ TW32/ KL32W/   V32W/ M2WE/ M2WP/ M2WC/ M2W-2/ M2W-3/ M1 Pro/ VS19217/ CPD1Pro7/ HC733/ T733/   KL337/ V337/ M1 ProE/ M1 ProP/ M1 ProC/ M1 Pro-2/ M1 Pro-3/ M1+_V/ VS18242/   CPD1+_VV/ HCV18/ TV18/ KL18V/ V18V/ M1+E_V/ M1+P_V/ M1+C_V/ M1+_V-2/ M1+_V-3/   PJM6V+/ PJM8V+/ HV8+/ TYM6V+/ TM8V+/ PB2012/ M1 mini Plus/ VS18107/ CPD1MPV/   HCV15/ TV15/ KL15V/ V15V/ M1E mini Plus/ M1P mini Plus/ M1 mini+ P/ M1 mini   Plus-2/ M1 mini Plus-3/ PJM4V+/ PJM7V+/ HV6+/ TYM4V+/ TM5V+/ PT1922

PX749-4K/ VS19349/ CPB414K/ HC4K41/ T4K41/ K414K/ V414K/   PX749-4KE/ PX749-4K/ PPX749-4KC/ PX749-4K-2/ PX749-4K-3/ PJB752K/ PJB754K/   T4K754/ TYB636K/ TB2836K/ PZ2314/ HT700W/ HT720W/ PX748-4K/ VS18339/   CPB748-4KH/ C4K151/ T4K151/ KL151-4/ KV151-4K/ PX748-4KE/ PX748-4KP/   PX748-4KC/ PX748-4K-2/ PX748-4K-3/ PJB751K/ PJB753K/ T4K753/ TYB632/ KTB2832/   KPZ2013/ HC4K-748/ V4K748/ HC4K-748/ V4K748/ PX728-4K/ VS18338/ CPB728-4K/   HC4K150/ T4K150/ KL150-4K/ V150-4K/ PX728-4KE/ PX728-4KP/ PX728-4KC/   PX728-4K-2/ PX728-4K-3/ PJB731K/ PJB733K/ T4K733/ TYB616K/ TB1416K/ PZ2012/   PX701-4KProX/ PX701-4KPlusX/ VH2750/ TYB660H/ HC4K-728/ V4K728/ HC4K-728/   V4K728/ VX450-4K/ X2-4KPro/ X2-4K/ VS19302/ CPD24K/ HC4K26/ T4K26/ KL264/   KV264/ KX2E-4K/ X2P-4K/ X2C-4K/ X2-4K-2/ X2-4K-3/ PJX5K/ PJX7K/ GK7/ TYX6K/   TX10K/ PB2231/ WK3000/ TK10/ Q20-4K PRO/ X2-4K+/ X40ST-4K/ X4800ST-4K/ X1-4K   Pro/ X1-4K/ VS19300/ CPD14K/ HC4K25/ T4K25/ KL254K/ V254K/ X1E-4K/ X1P-4K/   X1C-4K/ X1-4K-2/ X1-4K-3/ PJX4K/ PJX6K/ GK6/ TYX3K/ TX5K/ PB2230/ WK2805/ TK9/   Q20-4K/ X1-4K+/X39-4K/ X4800-4K/ LS921WU/ VS18319/ CPL921WU/ HCWU154/ TWU154/   KL154WU/ V154WU/ LS921WUE/ LS921WUP/ LS921WUC/ LS921WU-2/ LS921WU-3/   PJS924WU/ PJS926WU/ TWU926/ TYS802WU/ TB1802WU/ PZ2016/ LS920WU/ VS18318/   CPL920WU/ HCWU153/ TWU153/ KL153WU/ V153WU/ LS920WUE/ LS920WUP/ LS920WUC/   LS920WU-2/ LS920WU-3/ PJS923WU/ PJS925WU/ TWU925/ TYS806WU/ TB1806WU/ PZ2015/   LS560W/ VS19170/ CPD560W/ HCW36/ TW36/ KL36W/ V36W/ LS560WE/ LS560WP/   LS560WC/ LS560W-2/ LS560W-3/ LS560WH/ VS19170/ CPD560WH/ HCW37/ KL37W/ V37W/   LS560WHE/ LS560WHP/ LS560WH-2/ PJX563WH/ PJX565WH/ GW565H/ TYX1680WH/   TX2800WH/ PB2219/ LS550W/ VS19011/ CPD550WH/ CW28/ TW28/ KL28W/ V28W/   LS550WE/ LS550WP/ LS550WC/ LS550W-2/ LS550W-3/ PJX553W/ PJX555W/ GW555/   TYX1650W/ TX2750W/ PB2112/ LS550WH/ VS19011/ CPD550WH/ HCW30/ TW30/ KL30W/   V30W/ LS550WHE/ LS550WHP/ LS550WHC/ LS550WH-2/ LS550WH-3/ PJX553WH PJX555WH/   GW555H/ TYX1650WH/ TX2750WH/ PB2116/ LS610HDH/ VS19173/ CPD610WH/ HCW39/   TW39/ KL39W/ V39W/ LS610WHE/ LS610WHP/ LS610WHP/ CLS610WH-2/ LS610WH-3/   PJX613WH/ PJX615WH/ GW615H/ TYX1830WH/ TX3050WH/ PB2221/ LS610WH/ VS19170/   CPD560WH/ HCW37/ KL37W/ V37W/ LS560WHE/ LS560WHP/ LS560WH-2/ PJX563WH/   PJX565WH/ GW565H/ TYX1680WH/ TX2800WH/ PB2219/ PG706HD/ VS17692/ CPB706HDH/   CHD135/ THD135/ KL135HD/ V135HD/ PG706HDE/ PG706HDP/ PG706HD+/ PJB709HD/   PJB711HD/ THD711/ TYB618HD/ TB2118HD/ PT1812/ PA504W/ VS19914/ CPB62W/ HC62W/   T62W/ KL62W/ V62W/ PA504WE/ PA504WP/ PA504WC/ PJB517W/ PJB509W/ TW509/   TYB612W/ TB1512/ WPZ2413

30th December 2026

M2/ VS17808/ CPD2HD/   HCHD10/ THD10/ KL10HD/ V10HD/ M2E/ M2P/ M2+/ PJM5HD/ PJM7HD/ RHD7/ TYM6HD/   TM10HD/ PT1913

X2/ VS19041/ CPD2HD/   HCHD26/ THD26/ KL26HD/ V26HD/ X2E/ X2P/ X2C/ X2-2/ X2-3/ PJX5HD/ PJX7HD/ GD7/   TYX6HD/ TX10HD/ PB2212/ Q20 PRO/ Q20+ / Q20 PLUS/ X1/ VS18969/ CPD1HD/   HCHD25/ THD25/ KL25HD/ V25HD/ X1E/ X1P/X1C/X1-2/X1-3/ PJX4HD/ PJX6HD/ GD6/   TYX3HD/ TX5HD/ PB2211/ Q20// LS831WU/ VS18021/ CPL831WU/ HCWU146/ TWU146/   KL146WU/ V146WU/ LS831WUE/ LS831WU/ PLS831WU+/ PJS834WU/ PJS836WU/ TWU836/   TYS703WU/ TS2403WU/ PT1923/ LS860WU/ VS17889/ CPL860WU/ HCWU145/ TWU145/   KL145WU/ V145WU/ LS860WUE/ LS860WU/ PLS860WU+/ PJS863WU/ PJS865WU/ TWU865/   TYS718WU/ TB4818WU/ PT1918/ LS850WU/ VS17805/ CPL850WU/ HCWU144/ TWU144/   KL144WU/ V144WU/ LS850WUE/ LS850WUP/ LS850WU+/ LS853WU/ PJS855WU/ TWU855/   TYS715WU/ TB4015WU/ PT1915/ PG706WU/ VS17693/ CPB706WU/ HCWU136/ TWU136/ KL136WU/   V136WU/ PG706WUE/ PG706WUP/ PG706WU+/ PJB709WU/ PJB711WU/ TWU711/ TYB618WU/   TB2118WU/ PT1813/ PS600W/ VS17262/ CPB600W/ HCW107/ TW107/ KL107W/ V107W/   PS600W-2/ PS600W-2/ PJBS651W/ PJBS652W/ TSS653W/ TYBS654W / TB4619/ PT6021/   PS600X/ VS17260/ CPB600X/ HCX106/ TX106/ KL106X/ V106X/ PS600X-2/ PS600X-2 /   PJBS651X/ PJBS652X/ TSS653X/ TYBS654X/ TB3615/ PT6015/ LS600W/ VS18176C/   PD600W /HCW12/ TW12/ KL12W/ V12W/ LS600WE/ LS600WP/ LS600W+/ PJS603W/   PJS605W/ TW605/ TYS509W/ TS1809W/ PT1924/ PG707W/ VS18089/ CPB707W/ HCW148/   TW148/ KL148W/ V148W/ PG707WE/ PG707WP/ PG707W+/ PJB710W/ PJB712W/ TW712/   TYB621W/ TB2121W/ PT1927/ PG707X/ VS18090/ CPB707X/ HCX147/ TX147/ KL147X/   V147X/ PG707XE/ PG707XP/ PG707X+/ PJB710X/ PJB712X/ TX712/ TYB621X/ TB2121X/   PT1926/ PG603W/ VS16977 / PG603WP/ PG603WE/ PG603W-1/ PG603W-2/ PG603WB/   PJB7703W/ PJB7803W/ TW7803/ TYB7803W/ TB6030/ PT6633/ PG603X/ VS16973/   PG603XP/ PG603XE/ PG603X-1/ PG603X-2/ PG603XB/ PJB7603X/ PJB6603X /TX7603 /   TYB7603X/ TB4824/ PT5427

28th February 2025

Last modified: មីនា 2024

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