How to calibrate Auto Focus on M2e if the auto focus is not clear ?

The perception of clarity can differ from person to person if the result of auto-focusing is not up to the level of clarity that you wish it to achieve you could also try out manual focusing by following the instruction below:

1. Focus sensor design behavior


     Focus sensor in M2e is designed to trigger manual focus control center when auto focus key on the remote control is pressed 3 times within 1 minute.

2. Scenario.


     When user does auto focus using remote control and feels that the focus is not clear enough, then user can do the following process to adjust the focus.


3. Operation Description

           1.Press Focus key on remote control 3 times.

A black remote control

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Then manual focus control center will pop up.


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          2. Adjust the focus (Left or Right) based on user’s needs and wait for 3              seconds. 


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          3. Projector will remember the focus settings. Next time when user                     presses the focus button on the remote control, the projector will                     retain the focus settings user set.

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