8 Megapixel Document Camera​

  • Instantaneous autofocus for uninterrupted lessons​
  • Razor-sharp images with up to 8 Megapixel​ camera​
  • Full edge-to-edge coverage of up to A3​
  • Integrated LED light for dark or bright environments​
  • ​Enhanced teaching experience with vDocCam software


Move the classroom forward into the future with ViewSonic VB-VIS-002, a document and web camera built for more immersive, engaging lessons. Demonstrate and display physical teaching materials in detail effortlessly to a virtual classroom with an 8-megapixel autofocus camera and 8x digital zoom. Scan, record or livestream worksheets, textbooks and even 3D models of up to A3 in size and annotate on them in real time. Pair the lightweight and portable VB-VIS-002 with a laptop or large touchscreen display via a USB cable and turn your classes into an interactive collaboration.

Dynamic, instant autofocus

Switch from static to moving images without losing picture clarity or your students' attention. The ViewSonic Document Camera's auto-focusing lens intuitively sharpens any material as close as 10cm. Equipped with built-in microphone, you can deliver in-class demonstrations or livestreams in razor-sharp and crystal-clear quality.​

Pixel-perfect and close-up ready

Capture every detail of a science diagram in high resolution with an up to 8-megapixel camera. Designed with an 8X digital zoom, you can magnify the images onto large screens for a more immersive learning experience. Record or livestream your lessons in buttery-smooth 30 FPS and stunning 1920 x 1080 Full High-Definition quality. ​

Edge-to-edge coverage​

With coverage of up to A3 in size (12 x 16", 300 x 400mm), the ViewSonic Document Camera scans ledger-sized documents, textbooks, arts and crafts canvases, and even 3D math manipulatives in full, including all the finest details close to the edges. Prepare for your lessons efficiently at an ultra-fast scanning speed of 1/30 second per page*. ​*For items smaller than A3 only.​

Bring lightbulb moments to life

Integrated with a LED lamp, the ViewSonic Document Camera emits ample light to snap and display your papers and books in both bright and dark environments. The fitted anti-glare sheet erases overexposure, making sure each image is captured in its full glory.​

Versatile at any angle

The lightweight, portable device is built with a foldable, retractable arm, an adjustable neck and a rotatable camera to take any image or video at a wide range of angles. At just 0.88lbs (0.4kg), you can hop from classroom to classroom without breaking a sweat.

Advanced connectivity​

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook, bridge the gap between physical educational materials and digital learning spaces with ease. Simply connect the ViewSonic Document Camera with a desktop or interactive whiteboard and you can project the scanned images to a hybrid or remote classroom effortlessly.​

Go beyond the display

Designed exclusively for ViewSonic Document Camera, vDocCam is a software application that elevates your teaching and learning experience. ​Use Live mode to capture and project the image in real time. Playback mode lets you record a video and take a snapshot and save them into your archive. Annotate over the displayed image in Drawing mode.

Dimensions & I/O Ports

  1. USB Cable
  2. Lamp Button
  3. Focus Button
  4. Brightness Adjusting Button
  5. Microphone
  6. LED Lamp
  7. Camera Head
  8. Arm Screw



    Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 or aboveMac OS 10.10 or aboveGoogle™ Chromebook™ Version38.0 or above
    CPU Recommended: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or above
    RAM Recommended: 2 GB RAM or above
    Working Surface: 400mm x 300mm
    Focus: Auto (From 10cm to 2m)