How to customize an Android Boot Animation on CDExx10 series and CDM models?

1. Overview

The "Android Boot Animation" is a script used to load PNG files when the device boots. It is contained within an uncompressed zip file called

2. Inside the file

The file contains:

  • The image folder(s) (containing PNG images named by incremental numbers)
  • The desc.txt file

2.1 The image folder(s)

Each folder contains PNG images named by incremental numbers,starting from 0000.png or 0001.png and proceeding by increments of 1. 

NOTE: There has to be at least one folder and there is no known upper limit to the number of folders.

2.2 The desc.text file

This file defines how the images in the folder(s) are displayed during the boot animation, in the following format:

Width Height Frame-rate 

mode Loop delay-time Folder1 

mode Loop delay-time Folder2

An example of a desc.txt file is:

1920 1080 30

p 1 0 part0

p 0 0 part1

2.2.1 The first line

'1920' and '1080' define the width and height of the screen resolution.

'30' is the frame rate in FPS (frames per second), i.e. number of images displayed per second.

2.2.2 The second and third lines have the same format

The first ‘p’ defines the play mode to immediately stop playing when the boot is complete.

The number after ‘p’ defines the repeat mode:

  • specifying '0' would make the part loop indefinitely until the device has booted completely.
  • specifying '1' would make the part playback once.

The next number defines the delay time(ms). For example, if set to '10', when all of the image files have been played back, the system will delay for 10 ms.

The 'part0' and 'part1' are the image folders' name.

In the above example, the boot animation will play at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, at a frame rate of 30 fps, starting with the contents of part0 folder and after playing them in one loop, switching to the contents of part1 folder and playing them continuously until the device has booted completely.

3. Compress file

Select everything (image folder(s) and desc.txt) inside the bootanimation folder and zip them into a new uncompressed zip archive using your favorite compression utility like 7zip or WinRAR.

NOTE: If using WinRAR, set "Compression method" to "Store" or the boot animation won't work.

4. Apply the custom boot animation

1. Put your custom file onto an external SD card or USB and plug it into the device.

2. Make sure the "Logo" option is enabled:

Press the Home button on the remote control and go to: OSD menu > Configuration 2 > Logo > On.

3. Press and hold the Home button and input "1888" on the remote control to enter Admin mode. 

Then go to: Settings > Signage Display > General Settings > Boot Logo.

4. The system will find the on the external SD card or USB automatically and copy it to /data/local.

5. Once step 1~4 has completed, restart the system. The new customized boot animation should be displayed during the boot time.

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Last modified: May 2024

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