ViewSonic’s Innovative All-in-One LED Display Captivated People During an Exhibition at German Architekturmuseum Der TUM

Cutting-edge forefront visual solutions bring the exhibition industry to the next level

Brea, California (November 17, 2021) –ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, successfully participated in the Taiwan Acts! architecture exhibition, which took place at the German A.M. Architekturmuseum Der TUM from July, attracting nearly 30,000 visitors in three months. Through ViewSonic’s cutting-edge visual solutions, including the All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit and advanced projectors, the exhibition produced a vividly immersive experience while reducing preparation efforts and installation time, taking the exhibition industry to the next level.

“Taiwan Acts! unveiled the diverse Taiwan architectural initiatives and their social influence. People who visited the exhibition were attracted by forward-looking urban renewal plans and varied community development projects, feeling as if they were actually in the city,” noted Dr. Chen-Yu Chiu, the curator of the exhibition. “We’re very happy to collaborate with ViewSonic to prepare this kind of large exhibition. We used the 135” All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit to play a documentary video to show Taiwan’s urban landscape and tell stories. It provided a breathtaking viewing experience and simplified the installation time to 10 minutes."

“We observed the trends of digital exhibition, deploying visual solutions to integrate multimedia, making it easier for curators to explore all exhibit options and realize creative ideas like never before,” said Dean Tsai, head of the Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. “In addition to continuing to innovate projection technology, we created a new product line, the All-in-One LED Display, featuring easy installation and operation, that significantly simplifies preparation efforts so exhibition creators can focus on the art itself.”

At the Taiwan Acts! exhibition, ViewSonic’s All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit was used to play a new film created by Director Lin Cheng-sheng, which told a heartfelt story of how a community and a group of dedicated people helped senior citizens and disadvantaged groups by offering food delivery and a food bank. It also highlighted human rights, equality, and social justice in society. For on-site visitors, it was an unforgettable touching experience to fully comprehend the essence Director Lin conveyed.

Yuma Shinohara who works as a curator in the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum just visited Taiwan Acts! this September. He mentioned, “The high resolution and clarity of All-in-One LED Display is impressive. With the quality and scale, it delivers an immersive experience different from a traditional exhibition.”

The ViewSonic All-in-One LED Display Solution Kit features a large display with Full HD resolution, high refresh rate and no bezel lines, which is a perfect solution for museums and art galleries aiming for the highest visual quality. The entire solution kit includes LED modules, cabinets, a system control box, and a motorized floor stand, all pre-assembled in a movable flight case.

Because of its pre-assembled design, it requires only 10 minutes from unboxing to fully install, making it easier for the exhibition team to set up and move. After being taken out of the flight case, the display can be moved and positioned freely with the stand’s 360° silent wheels and stabilized with push-button locking. In addition, the built-in, motorized floor stand allows height adjustment at a maximum range of 60 cm and up to 4 sets of height preferences that can be set for convenient recurring use.
ViewSonic’s projection technology has also been adopted artistically during the exhibition, featuring a projection area of nearly 800” in landscape mode. The projectors are easy to install, saving the curators three times the time initially required to set up, and perfect for 24/7 continuous operation. With the ability to rotate 360° vertically and a 90° portrait projection mode, the exhibition team can also adjust the angles more easily.

The “Taiwan Acts!” exhibition is going on a world tour. This tour aims to highlight the special aspect of the current building culture in Taiwan, which promotes socially engaged architectural projects with more humble origins.

For more information on the “Taiwan Acts! architecture exhibition, please visit YouTube