ViewSonic Announces New "Meeting Space Solution" and "TeamWork" Software

New Solutions Elevate Teamwork Experiences More Effective Than Ever Before

Brea, California (January 18, 2024) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and EdTech solutions, is announcing the expansion of its Workspace Solutions to include innovative video conferencing and collaboration solutions. The new "ViewSonic Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms" and "TeamWork" software is designed to enhance efficiencies and streamline collaboration for modern group work, ideal for both business and academic settings.

ViewSonic's Workspace Solutions integrates software and hardware to provide diverse visual solutions that improve productivity and streamline communication. The ViewSonic "Meeting Space Solution" is designed for video conferencing optimization, and the proprietary "TeamWork" is a real-time collaboration whiteboard software. These new easy-to-use and rapidly deployable additions help to overcome physical barriers to communication, empowering groups and individuals’ collaboration, significantly improving productivity in either in-person mode or hybrid mode.

“In today's tech-savvy world, simplicity in technology is the ultimate goal for ViewSonic Workspace Solutions,” said Clifford Chen, General Manager of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. “While the interaction in face-to-face meetings is unmatched, the intuitive ViewSonic Meeting Space Solution can provide an effective alternative that emulates in-person connection, further saving travel time and costs for group discussion. Meanwhile, TeamWork enhances seamless collaboration for group work, as if all members are in the same room and discussing in real-time. Together, these advancements successfully create a virtual workspace.”

Seamless Collaboration with Meeting Space Solution and TeamWork

The ViewSonic "Meeting Space Solution" and "TeamWork" work independently but share the same objective of streamlining and simplifying communications, allowing presenters and participants to focus on the discussion while fostering inclusivity and expanding modes of collaboration. They respectively address common challenges faced during meetings and group discussions, such as display compatibility issues, delays from device connectivity problems, unclear meeting minutes, and loss of trackable shared ideas, all of which can affect productivity and communication quality.

The ViewSonic "Meeting Space Solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms" includes a Microsoft Teams Rooms pre-installed PC, a touch console, and a 3-in-1 conference camera bar with a speaker and microphone. It is compatible with a wide range of display types and sizes — across both ViewSonic and other brands — making it ideal for huddle meeting spaces. With the "Meeting Space Solution", meeting hosts can efficiently kick off hybrid meetings with a single click on the touch console in the meeting room. Discussions are delivered with high-quality audiovisual, providing up to 4K resolution with crystal-clear audio, making it feel as if everyone is in the same room. In addition, the camera bar features advanced voice-detecting technology that automatically centers the speaker’s face on the screen. These features give in-room and remote participants a greater sense of connection and help to conduct meetings more smoothly.

Alongside the Solution, the company is also launching "TeamWork", a collaborative whiteboard software available as an add-on with easy browser accessibility across devices. Serving as a hub of ideas and planning, "TeamWork" transforms any meeting place into an interactive, collaborative workspace. Using the various workflow templates on the platform, teammates can engage in real-time collaboration on the whiteboard for dynamically brainstorming and mapping out innovative strategies. Product teams can visualize roadmaps, and even students who need to work together on their group projects can allocate responsibilities and key deliverables easily through the "TeamWork", enhancing their ability to collaborate more effectively.

Experience Elevated Collaboration Firsthand at BETT and ISE 2024

On-site at the British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) 2024 (24th – 26th Jan) and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 (30th Jan – 2nd Feb), ViewSonic will demo its total workspace solution — including its newly launched collaborative additions and the diverse offering of the LCD monitor, All-in-One LED displays, projectors, and ViewBoard interactive displays of various sizes. These new solutions help businesses and higher education institutions to streamline and upgrade teamwork experiences while optimizing the associated equipment and setup costs.

Visitors can experience the ViewSonic "Meeting Space Solution" and "TeamWork" working seamlessly in tandem with its 86” ViewBoard interactive display to guide and facilitate real-world group work with collaboration templates.

About ViewSonic

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