2022 ColorPro Award

ViewSonic held the third annual ColorPro Award with the theme - "Breakthrough" this year. Aside from photographs, the award included a new sub-category, "Digital Art" to make the event more diverse. Artists from 139 countries submitted a total of 11,165 artworks. This amount is five times more entries than the competition received in its initial year in 2020. The distinctive and extraordinary artworks were exhibited in London, UK, and Taipei, Taiwan. The top-winning artworks were displayed through ViewSonic's advanced visual solutions, allowing visitors to see the artistry and the stories behind the photos in a memorable way. Please click on the online gallery for a complete list of featured entries.


  • ViewSonic 2022 ColorPro Award: BREAKTHROUGH (full version)

  • ColorPro Award 2022 Exhibition | Hosted by ViewSonic, Supported by Shooters | Highlights

  • ColorPro Award 2022 Ceremony | Full Recording

  • ViewSonic’s Total Visual Solutions Bring 2022 ColorPro Award To Life with Captivating Exhibitions