How to Use the vRemote App?

After completing the set-up process, you will see the main screen of the app. The main screen will show your devices in the list after you follow the “How to add a new projector to vRemote?” section to add a new projector.

You can select the device you added before (Make sure your device is connected to the Internet) and you can tap the buttons to control the projector.

  1. Volume up
  2. Volume down
  3. Mute
  4. Power on/Power off
  5. Auto focus
  6. Back to Home screen
  7. Select input source
  8. Share the control to someone
  9. Setting & Delete

Under "Input source selection", you need to choose what input source you want to use and tap the "OK" button.

Under the  "Setting & Delete" button, you can select "Setting" to enter the device's setting screen. If you select the "Delete" button, a message box will pop-up to ensure you want to delete the device. You can follow the “How to add a new projector to vRemote?” section and add the device back to vRemote.

On the "Device Setting" screen, you can edit the name of the device, check the firmware version, and device ID.

With the "Share" button, you can select "Share" to share permissions to your family or friends. Fill in the account you want to share with, select the items of permission, and tap the "OK" button. Your family or friends will receive the invitation shortly. Please ensure they are logged in and online in vRemote.

Last modified: Jun 2024

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