ViewBoard Pen Display (ID710-BWW)

7” Pen Pad

  • Accurate and Efficient Writing Experience with 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity Level
  • Smallest Writing Device with Screen
  • Integrates Seamlessly with Education softwares
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.15 or later
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The ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW is a 7” Pen Display provides learning an intuitive writing device. Encourage student interaction in the classroom with this 7” Pen Display, the smallest of its kind. When paired with myViewBoard ecosystem, students can learn how to write, annotate, collaborate, and take notes on the device in real-time effortlessly. Perfect as a mini second screen, teachers can also use the ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW as a visualization tool whilst presenting a lesson on another larger display.

A New Approach to Handwriting

In today's digital age, handwriting remains a crucial skill for students to learn. Not only is it essential for everyday life, it also increases the ability to retain and recall information. Using this educational writing device, teachers can monitor students writing progress and track their improvement through time.

A Perfect Addition to the Classroom, in Person or Remote

The ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW Pen Display is a digital interactive tool designed to support both in person, hybrid, and online learning. The extended screen feature allows for students to digitally take notes without distraction or interruption, wherever they are.

Write like You Always Have

ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW comes with a professional digitizer pen boasting 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity that can register thick and thin strokes meticulously. A 250 pps response rate and 5080 LPI ensure definition and accuracy, while a +/- 60 tilt detection allows for a more natural writing experience.

Write What You Want, Where You Want Too

The ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW Pen Display has minimized parallax, meaning that whenever you make a mark, it appears exactly where you wanted it too. Unlike other LED drawing tablets, we've reduced the gap between screen and sensor, allowing you to write precisely, every time.

Software at Your Fingertips

The ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW Pen Display integrates seamlessly with a host of software that supports drawing, digital whiteboarding, as well as inking tools. Easily run and incorporate software such as myViewBoard whiteboard, OneNote, Microsoft 365, and more. This makes sure you can get done what you need to, however you work.

Ditch the Batteries

Never buy batteries for your stylus again. ViewBoard Pen Display ID710-BWW's Ink Pen runs completely battery free, being powered directly off the surface of the tablet itself.

Dimension & IO Port

  1. Type C


    Display Area: 7 inch (5.98 x 3.38" / 154.21*85.92 mm)
    Optimum Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
    Contrast Ratio: 800:1
    Digitizer Resolution: 5080LPI
    Pressure Level: 8192 Levels
    Detectable Height: 5-10mm above cover glass
    Tilt: +/-45 °