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Take care of your eyes with ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology.

Everyday we look at screens. In the office, in the home, on the go. With this increasing exposure to artificial light, there is also increasing interest about how to best protect user's eyes from the daily effects of using computers for long periods of time. Studies have found that eye fatigue will affect 90% of users who use a computer for more than three or four hours at a time. Now, more than ever, there is a need for a desktop display that can help prevent instances of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

What is Flicker-Free Technology?

With ViewSonic Flicker-Free technology, the eye care of our users is paramount. We have used our 25+ years of visual solution experience to design an advanced series of Flicker-Free display technology. This technology completely eliminates screen flickering by integrating DC-modulation LED backlights. The positive effect of this reduces discomfort and eye fatigue, preventing the occurrence of CVS.

What are the advantages of ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology?

  1. It is true backlight flicker-free technology.
  2. Reduces eye fatigue and dryness, reducing itchiness or irritation.
  3. Reduces instances and severity of headaches brought on by prolonged computer use.

What is Flicker anyway?

Flickering is a characteristic of most LED screens. These screens used Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the level of backlight brightness of the display. PWM works at a fixed frequency, turning the backlight on and off quickly to give the impression of reducing brightness. Flickering is not always apparent to the user because the refresh rate of many displays is too fast for human eye perception. As we can see from the image below, conventional monitors have a relatively long period between 'on' and 'off' states. 'Traditional Flicker-Free' tries to mask the effects of flicker by increasing the frequency however this still causes the pupil to make rapid adjustments from large to small, affecting the autonomic nervous system and causing eye fatigue.

How does ViewSonic Flicker-Free technology help?

By integrating DC modulation LED backlights, the 'on' 'off' states of tradition flicker-free technology are completely removed. DC-modulation results in a constant stream of light, limiting the negative effects of using a computer for a prolonged period of time.

ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology lets you work, play, game and watch movies longer, in more comfort and without eye fatigue.

ViewSonic Flicker-free Displays