Certified MSP Program

MSP Program allows ViewSonic partners to leverage myViewBoard Suite and deliver value-added services to their customers. A Certified MSP helps satisfying the technical requirements at any stage of customers’ myViewBoard journey.

Benefits of Being an MSP Partner

Being a Certified MSP validates your competency as a Managed Service Provider in implementing any myViewBoard solutions for your customers. Find out more about the program benefits and how you can qualify.

Engage with your customers and access potential leads.

Gain more visibility in the EdTech industry.

Gain go-to-market support to drive the demand generation.

Receive early access the new myViewBoard EdTech solution.

Expand your expertise with myViewBoard trainings on sales & service and software capabilities.

Steps to become a Certified MSP:

Submit your application

Complete and submit the MSP application form. Note that it takes up to 5 working days to review and create your MSP Entity for adding any new members.

Meet training criteria

A minimum of 2 individuals from the same institution must complete and pass the applicable accreditations to become a Certified MSP.

Finish! Start to connect with your customers

Invite and partner with existing myViewBoard Entities to extend your support and value-added services.