ViewBoards for Education

An advanced touchscreen display with next-generation connectivity and accessibility.

Newly Designed with Teachers in Mind

An Ergonomic Design

Made to work with the teacher

Intuitive Interface

A natural writing experience with multi-functional pens

Built-in Software Suite

Purpose-built digital whiteboarding, casting, and sharing

A ViewBoard for Any Classroom

Match your display to the space


For huddle spaces and SCALE-UP classrooms


For smaller classrooms or younger learners


For medium-sized classrooms and older students


For large classrooms or even bigger venues

EdTech for the 21st Century Classroom

UFT Technology

Ultra Fine Touch Technology produces a lag-free, pen-on-paper writing experience. Writing accuracy is greatly improved and student-teacher interaction flows more naturally thanks to real-time response rates, dual-pen recognition and our new 3mm tipped pens.


Automatically detect pen diameter (8mm & 3mm) and write simultaneously with different colors and thicknesses.

Wireless Content Sharing

Two-way sharing between ViewBoard and student devices.

Multi-Display Sync

Wirelessly show content to multipe ViewBoards and others displays at the same time.

Multiple Screen Sharing

Simple split screens allow multiple devices to share simultaneously.

Leverage Powerful Windows Architecture

Installing an optional slot-in Windows PC opens the door to running the full gamut of Windows program.

Run native Windows applications.
Run the full myViewBoard ecosystem.
Spend less on in-class computers.

Make Display Management Simple

For schools with multiple ViewBoard displays, remote management is easy with vController software and each display’s built-in RS-232 serial port. Turn displays on/off, set and adjust individual on/off times, and review usage parameters from a single remote control station.

Secure Your School's Future for a Decade

Upgrade from an aging projector to a 10-year interactive display solution. Offering 4K resolution and brighter, more immersive images, the ViewBoard interactive whiteboards are built for 50,000 hours of operational life.

3-year warranty          
Nationwide service network
Industry-leading certification

Benefits of ViewSonic ViewBoard in Education

Visualize on a Screen

Display vivid apps, documents, websites, and more.

Interactive Touchscreen

Write, draw, and annotate naturally.

High-Quality Display

4K Ultra HD resolution screen for great images, graphics, and videos.

Built-in Sound

Enjoy built in 2.1 stereo sound and woofer for great sound quality.

Internet Connectivity

Use WiFi or an ethernet cable to access the Internet.


Connect add-ons and accessories like microphones, speakers, keyboards, microscopes, and more.

Multi-OS Platform

Select Android and/or Windows OS to fit your requirements.


  • Teachers can use whatever they come up with to teach, with no constraints on their creativity. And, they’re no longer limited by the device, they can plug in almost any device and it will work with full touch functionality."

    Matt Maine, District Technology Manager
    Wilmington Area School District
    Pennsylvania, USA

  • It’s a huge benefit to have screens on every wall... With the ability to display information and instructions on all screens, I get fewer questions like, ‘when is this due,’ and ‘what are we supposed to be doing."

    George Porter, Language Arts Teacher
    Sage Creek High School, Carlsbad

  • The easy on-board annotation really sold me on ViewSonic. We loved the ability to draw over any input source – live document camera, content from a connected laptop, smartphone or tablet, DVD content– it didn’t matter what the input source was you could write over it with the built-in annotation tools."

    Rob Zdrojewski, Director of Instructional Technology
    Oakfield-Alabama Central School District
    New York, USA

  • The PE teacher is able to pull content to enrich her curriculum, like videos on how to swing a bat correctly or covering the rules of a game.”

    Gretchen Knapp, Technology Coordinator
    St. Matthew Parish School
    Ohio, USA

  • Kids got out of their seats. They collaborated. Multiple students stood around the display and worked together. Teachers expanded their teaching methods."

    Kevin Powers, Technology Director
    Fenton Area Public Schools
    Michigan, USA

  • One of nicest things about the ViewSonic ViewBoard displays is the picture clarity compared to our projector-based systems... Students can see text in the back of the room more clearly.”

    Bradi Rhoades, District Technology Coach
    Wilmington Area School District
    Pennsylvania, USA

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