What Can I Do with vRemote?

In addition to remotely controlling the projector, you can also see the firmware of the device and control your projector via voice control. On the "Personal Information" page, you can see your Account, FAQ, Setting, current Firmware version, and app info. You can also log out via the "Log Out" button. Under "Setting", you can chan...

Why Doesn't vRemote Work?

If you are having trouble with vRemote: Please ensure your projector and phone are connected to the Internet, and/or Delete the device you have added and re-add again. Also, restart your projector. If these two steps still don't solve the problem, please contact ViewSonic service center.

How to Setup Google Voice Assistant?

To enable Voice Control: First, ensure the vRemote app is installed and paired. After installing and pairing the vRemote app: 1. Click, or key in the URL into your browser: https://assistant.google.com/ 2.  Click “What it can do” and search “ViewSonic” 3. Select "ViewSonic". 4. Click the "Link". 5. ...

How to Setup Alexa Voice Assistant?

Please refer to How to set up Voice Control for X10-4K/M2/X100-4K/X100-4K+?

How to set up Voice Control for X10-4K/M2/X100-4K/X100-4K+?

Please refer to below video. How to set up voice control on the ViewSonic X10-4K projector   Note: 1.Supported Alexa & Google Assistant Voice Control commands are listed in User Guide.   2. Alexa & Google Assistant are only available in English. 3. Alexa supported country would vary .

How to delete your vRemote account?

If you want to delete your vRemote account, please go to https://www.viewsonic.com/eu/contact/ and submit your request to us. In your request, please include your account name and your last login time. After we finish the process, we will send you a confirmation.

How to Use the vRemote App?

After completing the set-up process, you will see the main screen of the app. The main screen will show your devices in the list after you follow the “How to add a new projector to vRemote?” section to add a new projector. You can select the device you added before (Make sure your device is connected to the Internet) and you can tap th...

How to Add a New Projector to vRemote?

The vRemote app allows users to control the projector via their personal mobile device. Users can control input source, mute/unmute, power on/off, go to Home page, and so on of the projector.  1.Please Open “vRemote Installation” in AppCenter of the projector and see the instruction to set up connection between vRemote App and the projector....

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