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    Upgrade Your Setup and Get Rewarded

    Swap your old monitor and get rewarded with an Amazon eGift card.
    Intuituve Interface
    Step 1


    Purchase one of the selected ViewSonic videoconference monitors.

    Presentations Done Your Way
    Step 2


    Register in our Trade-In Programme and make sure your old monitor meets our eligibility requirements.

    Easy Remote Management
    Step 3


    Securely pack and ship your trade-in monitor and accessories using the postage label provided by ViewSonic.
    See how to pack my monitor for more details.

    Easy Remote Management
    Step 4


    Receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to redeem your £20 Amazon eGift card.

    Why It's Time to Switch to a Videoconferencing Monitor?

    These jack-of-all-trades monitors are perfect for both work and entertainment while making any video call a breeze.
    Intuituve Interface

    Full Privacy

    A built-in, easy-to-close webcam ensures your full privacy whenever you want. Conveniently hide the camera when not in use.

    Intuituve Interface

    Perfect Angle

    Make yourself flexible with an adjustable built-in webcam that helps you create your optimum comfort in any workspace.

    Intuituve Interface

    Easy Setup

    Enjoy a clean and tidy desk thanks to extended connectivity possibilities. Use VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort to plug in your computer within seconds.

    Optimise Your Workspace with ViewSonic

    ViewSonic’s videoconferencing monitors come equipped with a built-in webcam, microphone, and dual speakers to deliver high-quality, out-of-the-box videoconferencing and streaming capabilities.

      • Find peace of mind with your privacy protected thanks to a pop-up 5MP webcam design
      • Always ready to meet and be seen perfectly with built-in LED fill lights
      • Clear audio delivery with AI-powered two-way noise-reduction on both speakers and microphone
      • Optimise your workspace with a sleek ergonomic stand and easy connection with USB-C docking
      • Easily recycle the eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging

      • Always ready to meet and chat thanks to an adjustable 2MP webcam with a microphone
      • Optimise your workspace with a sleek ergonomic stand and dual built-in speakers
      • Find peace of mind with your privacy protected thanks to an easy-to-close webcam design
      • Easily recycle the eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging
      • Save energy with a monitor certified for sustainability

    Ready for a Reward?

    ViewSonic Trade-In Programme FAQ


    • What is ViewSonic Trade-In?

      The ViewSonic Trade-In Programme offers a way to trade in your eligible desktop monitor after purchasing a new ViewSonic webcam monitor. If your old monitor meets the eligibility requirements, you will obtain an instant eGift card valued at £20.

    • What kind of benefit will I get for my trade-in?

      Once we receive the trade-in monitor, it will take a few days to evaluate the conditions and status of the item. If your trade-in monitor is eligible for credit, you can receive a £20 Amazon eGift card that’s valid for a year. If the monitor is not eligible for credit, ViewSonic will help you to dispose of it at no additional cost.

    • How long is the eGift card valid for?

      It is valid for one year, starting from the reception of the congratulations email with an Amazon eGift card.

    • What requirements does my desktop monitor have to meet for me to receive the trade-in value?

      Any brand and any kind of desktop monitor can be accepted as long as it meets the following eligibility requirements:

      1. Must be fully functional and readable with no black spots or clouding (the Mura effect).
      2. Must power on, hold a charge, and not power off unexpectedly.
      3. Must have no breaks, cracks, or other damage which would affect normal use.
    • What if ViewSonic evaluates that my monitor does not meet the conditions for this programme?

      If the monitor does not meet the eligibility requirements, we will value it at £0 and dispose of it from our end at no additional cost.

    • How many monitors can I trade in on a single registration?

      You may trade in the equivalent number of monitors as to the number of ViewSonic monitors purchased.

    • If I represent a company or organisation, how can I join this programme?

      If you are on behalf of a company or organisation, please contact us to register for quantity trade-in submission.

    • How can I track the trade-in status?

      Please contact us to track the status of your trade-in process.

    • Can I cancel a trade-in submission?

      Yes. Before you ship the trade-in monitor to us, please inform us by filling in this contact us form to stop the process. Please keep in mind, the process cannot be canceled if you have already sent the monitor out.

    Trade-in Monitor

    • My device got qualified for the trade-in, but I would like to take it back. Is it possible?

      Unfortunately, the process cannot be cancelled once the trade-in monitor has been shipped to us.

    • My monitor did not qualify for the trade-in, can ViewSonic return the old monitor back to me?

      Unfortunately, not. If the monitor does not meet the required criteria, ViewSonic will assist in dealing with its disposal, at no additional cost. Please double check your monitor’s condition before you trade-in.

    • When I send the trade-in monitor to ViewSonic, should I send the AC adapter, case, or other accessories with the monitor?

      Yes, please pack the trade-in monitor, power cable, and all other accessories.

    • How should I pack my trade-in device for shipment?

      1. Send us your old monitor within either the new ViewSonic monitor box or a box of an appropriate size.
      2. Place the monitor in the center of the box and with plenty of padding materials such as packaging paper, bubble wrap, or packaging foam to protect it during the shipping.
      3. Seal all open edges of the box with packing tape. Be sure to cover or remove previously used shipping labels from the box.
      4. Attach the shipping label to the outside of the box and tap all four sides of the label with clear packing tape.
      5. Take photos of the package and attach them as a reply to our email communication.

      Please make sure your trade-in monitor is well-protected in the shipping box. ViewSonic is not liable for any damage or loss during the shipping and delivery process.

    • Can I trade in more than one monitor with the shipping label that was sent to me for my trade-in?

      No. Each monitor should be sent individually with one shipping label.

    • What if I lost or threw out the trade-in shipping label?

      Please contact us to request another postage label.

    Do you have other questions?

    We’re here for you! If you require additional assistance, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to help

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