The ViewSonic PJ-WMK-305 wall mount kit is specifically designed for ViewSonic short throw projectors. This customisable wall mount with quick installation and flexible adjustment featuring a 3-axis alignment system, allowing users to easily mount the projector in most rooms. This wall mount is only compatible with the following ViewSonic model*: LS625X, LS625W, PS600W, PS600X, PS501W, PS501X. Please review and follow the Installation Guide before your purchase and installation of the Products.**

*All ViewSonic® Universal Wall Mount Kits (the “Products”) ONLY support ViewSonic® projectors with the applicable specific models designated by ViewSonic. Use of the Products with non-ViewSonic branded projectors are neither supported nor recommended, may cause property damage or personal injury, and shall be at the sole risk of users/installers.
**The Installation Guide of is provided for convenience of reference only. Please consult local codes for further guidance. ViewSonic assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the information displayed. ViewSonic shall not be liable for any equipment damage or personal injury caused as a result of incorrect installation, operation, human factors, acts of God, or failure to comply with local codes and these instructions.