ViewSonic Leads Global Interactive Displays Market in Q1 2024

Achieves Market-Leading Growth and Innovation

Singapore (May 9, 2024) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global visual solution provider, has retained its position as the top global interactive display provider in Q1 2024 (excluding China) and has increased its market share to 15.7%, according to the latest report from Futuresource Consulting*. The company's exceptional quarter-over-quarter growth of 38.6% significantly outpaced the total addressable market (TAM), which saw a decline of 1.9%. ViewSonic maintained its leading position throughout 2023, further solidifying its industry dominance.

Continued Market Leadership and Innovation

Building on its strong performance in 2023, ViewSonic’s achievement in Q1 2024 further reinforces its prominence. This success is driven by the innovation of the ViewBoard interactive displays, with different sizes ranging from 43 to 105-inch 21:9 ultrawide and 110-inch models. These interactive displays are supported by robust solutions, including hardware, software, digital content, and services, allowing ViewBoard to be tailored for diverse settings, whether brainstorming, business meetings, or interactive learning.

Paving the Way for Future Schools

ViewSonic extends its technology leadership into the education sector, aiming to create synergies in teaching and learning environments. The company's focus is on preparing educational institutions for a technology-driven future by providing advanced EdTech solutions that enable full digitalization, maximized interactivity, personalized learning, and effective device management.

ViewSonic’s Education Ecosystem includes ViewBoard and a comprehensive range of teaching solutions designed to transform traditional classrooms into engaging and motivating learning environments. With interactive software like myViewBoard, ClassSwift, and TeamOne collaboration tool, teachers can tailor their teaching to meet diverse learning needs in real-time and assess student performance. Meanwhile, students can provide instant feedback, making learning more interactive and effective.

This ecosystem not only improves engagement and collaboration but also reduces the IT admin workload by enabling insightful resource allocation through the Manager display device management. It is a centralized platform that allows remote management for streamlined maintenance, troubleshooting, and communication across campuses. In addition, ViewSonic also offers professional development and training to help educators make the most of these EdTech solutions.

Commitment to Innovation, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction

ViewSonic leads the interactive displays market, driven by its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company is also focused on broader environmental goals, aiming for net-zero GHG emissions across its value chain by 2050. As part of its strategy, ViewSonic integrates sustainability into all aspects of its operations and business ethos.

The ViewBoard enhances the way people communicate, collaborate, and learn. It also holds the most EPEAT Silver-certified models on the market, exemplifying ViewSonic’s commitment to creating energy-efficient products. Looking ahead, ViewSonic remains committed to advancing visual technology and delivering exceptional experiences that meet the evolving needs of its global customers.

*Source: Futuresource Global Interactive Displays Q1 2024 Report

About ViewSonic

Founded in 1987 in California, ViewSonic is a leading global visual solutions provider with a presence in over 100 countries. The company leverages over 35 years of expertise in visual technology to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, content, and services. ViewSonic offers a wide range of products, with screen sizes spanning from 5 inches to a massive 760 inches. This includes interactive displays, large format displays, LED displays, pen displays, monitors, projectors, SaaS, AI services, interactive content, and more. This innovative ecosystem empowers education, workplaces, and individuals to foster creativity, collaboration, and seamless learning. ViewSonic focuses on designing products that deliver optimal performance and customer satisfaction while integrating sustainable production practices and upholding comprehensive environmental, social, and governance standards. The company's goal is to enable customers to "See the Difference". Learn more at www.viewsonic.com.