Implement Hybrid Learning

Transition to hybrid teaching and learning easily with an integrated suite of hardware and software solutions.

Why hybrid education?

Bridge the gap between physical classrooms and digital learning.

Deliver consistent quality lessons and interactions in any environment.

Maintain active student participation, collaboration, and feedback either in person or remotely.

Leverage accessible and inclusive EdTech for better student outcomes anywhere and anytime.


The World’s First ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom

Take a detailed look at a university’s solution to enable teachers to simultaneously teach on-site and remotely.

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Benefits of Hybrid Learning with ViewSonic

Connect teachers and students with solutions made for education

Total Integration

Large-format and personal touchscreen displays for seamless teaching and learning everywhere.

Easy Transition

Allow teachers and students to create a classroom anywhere with myViewBoard.

Improved Flexibility

Implement synchronous (and asynchronous) learning simultaneously with a full suite of built-in tools.

Increased Scale

Open up virtual seats to any size group of students with low-bandwidth virtual lessons.

Hybrid Learning Insights

Education from anywhere to anyone