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Luke Stackpoole


Luke is a professional lifestyle and adventure photographer with a passion for emotive storytelling through his photography and is also one of our ColorPro Ambassadors. He tends to focus his work on the Nordic and mountainous regions because of the everchanging weather, dramatic scenery and sense of awe that inspire him there. Aside from landscape photography, he’s been doing wildlife photography for these past few years also. Born in the UK he used to work in the City of London in finance but transitioned to photography in 2017 as this was his passion and now commands an audience of over 860,000 people online.

My Breakthrough

2022, a year for new adventures and broadening of our horizons. This year I made it my goal to capture more wildlife, something which really brings me joy and reignites my passion for photography, which often falls to the wayside when focussed on demanding projects.

In the dry heat of April, I ventured to the Northern territory of Rajasthan, India to search for the elusive Bengal Tiger. In the dry forests of Ranthambore tiger reserve, I spent six sunrises in search of the tigers with a crew of guides and drivers. These tigers are often shy, and tend to move around in darkness so catching them early before the heat of the sun is shining is the key to this.

On the one morning however, I had my breakthrough. In a secluded glade of shaded trees and greenery, somewhat uncommon in this dry region, we happened upon a mother tiger alongside 3 cubs. As my chance now unfolded before my eyes I quickly brought my camera to bear and captured a succession of images as the tigers strode through the undergrowth.

This was the moment I’d been waiting for, and all the planning, travel and preparation led to this moment, the feeling of joy and passion that came from sighting and capturing these images with my own hands. Over the course of the next week, I spotted a further 3 Tigers, but nothing could compare to that initial contact, that breakthrough moment that I’d been anticipating all along.

My next adventure awaits, this time to the plains of Africa where I hope to capture some of the most fearsome yet majestic creatures on the planet.

4 Photography Tips for Editing Using Adobe Lightroom

I wanted to share a few photography tips, but this time related to editing, using Adobe Lightroom. This is the keystone to achieving my dramatic and atmospheric style in my photos.


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